Lifestyle Blogger Jess Soothill Shares What She Learned About Buying New

9 months after moving here are my key takeaways

We have now been living in our new build home for 9 months. This is the first new build house that I have lived in and on the whole the experience has been positive and a fantastic move for our family. I therefore wanted to share my experience in case you were going through the same process, or considering it.
When we decided to move house due to work purposes we knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy decision. Especially leaving behind close family and because our twins were so young. So it was important to ensure that the move as smooth as possible.
We therefore selected a new build property to make the whole procedure far easier and stress free, which was why it was part of our decision making process. 


Here are the key things we’ve leant from that move to a new build home:

Before you decide to move do your research - schools, area etc. We moved 100 miles away so we needed to do a lot of ours online.
Make a list of what you want from the move – schools, work, commute, house type etc and then you’ll be better informed when viewing homes.
Look around as many of the show-homes on new build developments as you can – it gives you a good idea of how you can live as a family and the house sizes on offer.
Talk regularly to the customer service teams on new build developments, they are very helpful and willing to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.
Be flexible and open-minded on selecting a plot and about buying off plan.
Make sure you get a good idea of all the costs involved in moving into a new build house, including mortgage, legal fees, stamp duty and removals as well as extras such as carpets and fixings.
Be as organised as you can for moving day – pack up well in advance and label boxes ready for the move.
Have a removal plan in place for the day. If you are using a removal company then make sure that they know everything within your home and involved in the move and have no surprises on the day.
Moving into a new build house is fairly straightforward and easy! But don’t forget that you still may have to put up curtains or blinds and erect beds for the first night.
The management team will greet you when you move in and assist you with the keys and workings of the house and contents – and present you with your moving in pack.
Familiarise yourself with neighbours and say hello! Ours have been so friendly; there is so much community spirit in a new-build development because everyone is in the same position and usually moving in at a similar time. It sets up the beginnings of new friendships.
During the first week create a snagging list (anything that needs correcting) and present this to your management team at your first meeting. If things don’t get resolved then do chase them up.
Get involved in your local area as much as you possible can. This way you will meet new people and truly feel a part of your community. Especially (like us) if you are very new to the area.
Enjoy your home! We love our house and we are enjoying spending quality time together in it!

The contemporary living that we now have works far better for us and the design of the house flows so well. It is ideal for the children and our modern lives. Moving here was such a good decision and we have not looked back!

Publish date: 18/08/2016