Why New Build Homes are a Great Option for First-Time Buyers

It’s no secret – we love new build homes. Not only are they convenient for modern day living, they offer new home buyers a more efficient and cost effective way of owning a new home.

If you’re a first-time buyer here are our top five reasons to buy new:

1.   All New Everything

Never underestimate the power of having everything new. Not only is it nice to know no one else has used anything in your home, it also means you don’t need to worry about replacing any tired looking carpets or kitchens. Not only will that save you a whole load of stress and time – it will also save you a lot of money. Working with the developers you will be able to pick your own carpets, kitchen, bathrooms and fixtures and fittings meaning minimal stress and cost once you have moved in.

2.    Guarantees

Most new build homes come with NHBC Warranty which will protect your home of any problems for the next 10 years. The safeguarding of your home means you won’t need to worry about any large expenditures in the first ten years of owning your new home. For first time buyers this usually a great benefit.

3.    Great Locations

New build properties are often in or near to great community hubs. Often built upon reused land, new build homes are often built on primes areas with historical importance. With government support, new build properties are also built to advocate greener living so will generally be closely located to sustainable travel options making it great for first time buyers looking for a more economical way to commute to work. Some developments will also have purpose built amenities and schools.

4.    Cost Effective

New build homes are extremely cost effective. Not only do you save money on the big expenditures such as fitting kitchens and bathrooms, you will be saving on your monthly bills too. This is due to the fact that new builds are around three to four times more efficient that older homes thanks to their modern insulations, newer materials and windows.

5.    A Boost up on to The Ladder

Most prospective first-time buyers will admit they need a helping hand getting onto the property ladder – luckily with new build homes help is at hand in the form of government led schemes. Whilst Help to Buy and other government initiatives will be applicable across new and second hand homes, with new builds you can also save with developer specific deals.  These can include equity loans, deposit contributions, free fixtures and fittings and stamp duty contributions.

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Publish date: 19/02/2016