No Chain, Help-to-Buy, 10 Year Warranty...

You can't buy peace of mind, but you can buy new.

The quality of house building has improved significantly in recent years.

According to the most recent industry survey, around 90% of home buyers are so satisfied with their new homes that they'd recommend their builder to a friend.

But peace of mind is more than just knowing that you're buying quality and getting great value for money. It's also about being confident in the product you're buying and knowing, should anything happen, that you're protected. That's where the Consumer Code for Home Builders and the 10 Year Home Warranty come in.

Consumer Code for Home Builders

An industry-led Code of Conduct for builders, this was developed to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for purchasers. It applied to all home builders registered with the UK's main new home warranty providers and consists of 19 requirements and principles that home builders must meet in their marketing and selling of homes and their after-sales customer service. 

The aim of the Code is to ensure all new home buyers are:

1.) treated fairly and know what levels of service to expect
2.) given reliable information about their purchase and their consumer rights before and after they move in
3.) able to access speedy, low cost dispute resolution arrangements to deal with complaints

10 Year Home Warranty

A warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing that should anything untoward happen to your new home, you won't be left to pick up the bill for fixing it. From start to finish, you're covered. After exchange of contracts, you're covered if your builders is not able to start or complete the home due to insolvency of fraud.

The first 2 years after completion.

During this period, your builder is responsible for putting right defects or damage to your come and its common parts, cause by a failure to build to the current standards. They must do this within a reasonable time frame and at their own expense.

Years 3 to 10 after completion.

The warranty-provider insures your home to cover the cost of putting right physical damage in specified parts of the home. This starts two years after the date on the warranty insurance certificate. You're also covered if alternative accommodation is required while repair work is taking place.

Your warranty does not cover general wear and tear, condensation, normal shrinkage, cosmetic damage or damage arising from failure to maintain the property. Refer to the fill policy document for detailed information on what is covered, and all the exclusions and limitations that apply. 

Publish date: 18/08/2016