What are HBF Star Ratings?

Helping to give new home buyers confidence

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) Star Rating scheme is one of the biggest ways in which people buying newbuild homes can have complete confidence in the quality of the home they’re buying.

Under the Star Rating scheme, participating new home builders are awarded up to five stars based on feedback from their previous customers. The feedback is provided through an independently verified customer satisfaction survey conducted by the HBF and the National House Builders Federation (NHBC).

Builders awarded an HBF Star Rating can display their HBF stars on their signs, brochures and other promotional materia.
Home Builders Federation

What the HBF Star Ratings mean

To get a three-star HBF rating, the builder must score at least 70% in the HBF’s customer satisfaction survey. To get four stars, the builder must score at least 80%. And to get the full five-star HBF Star Rating, the home builder must get a score of at least 90% in the customer satisfaction survey.

The HBF reviews its Star Ratings every year – so a builder can lose (or gain) stars over time.

Only builders who are members of the HBF can get Star Ratings – and even then, participation in the scheme is optional – so if your builder doesn’t have a star rating that doesn’t mean they aren’t up to the required standard.

More than 30,000 new home buyers completed the survey in the year up to September 2013 – with 90% saying they were very or fairly satisfied with their home. So if your newbuild home builder does have an HBF Star Rating, you can be sure they’ve had a lot of satisfied customers in the previous year – and be confident that your home, too, will be up to the required HBF standard.

Publish date: 19/02/2016