What Have House Builders Ever Done For Us?

You'd be excused for thinking that when it comes to house building, all that was provided was, well, new homes...

...but, the creation of new homes also delivers significant social and economic benefits to communities. 

There are many ways in which house building contributes to the wider economy.

This ranges from such things as:
the extra tax receipts to fund public services locally and nationally;
the extra jobs created;
the millions of pounds that go towards new schools or playgrounds;
and the millions of trees and shrubs planted every year.
To meet the country's housing needs, every local authority needs to build on average around 750 new homes each year, spread across all its towns and villages.

Providing these will not only provide our next generation with decent homes, but would also deliver huge benefits to existing residents and communities. 

Building 750 New Homes Will Generate:
​30 apprentices, graduates and trainees
£1.2 million towards improving local schools and education
3,225 total jobs
£965,500 in extra council tax
34,800 trees and shrubs planted

So What Are House builders Doing For you?

£12.4bn has been invested in land and buildings for homes.

(Chevin Park, Menston, Leeds)

For example Avant Homes rescued and restored the grade 2 listed property at Chevin Park in Leeds, in order to re-develop it into a fabulous collection of new build homes while still keeping the original Vickers Edwards architecture for future generations to enjoy.

6.5m trees and shrubs have been planted or retained.

Redrow Homes often preserve the established trees and hedgerow around their developments such as the one pictured above at Altwen Gardens. This gives the gardens and surrounding landscapes a natural softness as well as creating a home for nature.

£5.5bn is spent on suppliers, 90% of which stays in the UK.

£19.2bn of economic output.

£1.4bn of tax is paid in the form of Stamp Duty Land Tax, Corporation Tax, NI, PAYE, and Residents' Council Tax.

£3.1bn of new "affordable housing".

£131m invested in open space, community, sport and leisure facilities.

Over 600,000 jobs,233,000 of which are directly employed by the industry.

80% of construction waste is recycled.

4.3 jobs are created for every home built.

£565m for infrastructure, including 255m on schools.

3,700 apprentices, 400 graduates and 500 other trainees are employed and trained each year.

£3.8bn is spent buy new residents in local shops and services.

£705m is spent to make each house "feel like home".

This article was kindly provided by the Home Builders Federation (HBF). The HBF work with the Government and stakeholders to develop housing policy in the UK and their website offers valuable information for people interested in buying a new build home.


Publish date: 18/08/2016