What Is A Snag List?

When buying a new build property you will need to know all about a snag list - but what exactly is it?

Put simply, a snag list is an inventory of problems that you have come across in your new build home. Once you have moved in you are usually given a week to compile a snag list of things you would like to change or are not happy with. Here is an example of things you may need you may include: 
•    Broken locks
•    Broken pipes or leaks
•    Do all the taps work?
•    Are there paint splashes on tiles?
•    Do all the cupboards open?

Once your list is compiled the builder will come round and fix all the problems that you have with your property so make sure you are vigilant when doing your checks. See our moving in checklist for more things you need to look out for when compiling your own snag list.

Publish date: 28/07/2017