Top Playroom Ideas To Keep The Kids Happy

Playrooms are a good way of giving kids their own space to play and feel independent but also give you a break, so you want to make sure it’s the best possible playroom. These are some great ideas for a playroom.

Firstly a playroom needs a table where the kids can sit and create drawings and whatever else they like but a good tip to keep the table less of a mess is to paint the top of the table with chalkboard paint, this way you can provide variety of chalk pencils for the kids to draw straight onto the table and you don’t have to worry about the cleaning. Another alternative of this is to paint one of the walls in chalkboard paint, another great way to get the kids to create drawings on a bigger scale and again easy to clean off once they want a clean canvas.

Ball pit, which kid wouldn’t want a ball pit in their playroom? Even though this may be slightly more accessible to bigger rooms. Ball pits are a great way to add that extra special something to your playroom idea, also the kids will love it, not to mention a great hiding spot when playing hide and seek.

Make your playroom look great with themed wall. There’s endless options for what to pick from. You could either do a different theme on each wall or pick one for all the walls. Some examples of themes are: World map, ocean and jungle are just a few but if your kid or kids have a particular hobby or interest you could base it off that. 

For the more accident prone kids which most are you can instead of having hard floors or carpet you could lay down some padded mats. The padded mats could act as colourful safer alternative, but it also gives the help of easy to clean. With kids being messy especially when there’s more than one having food and drink within the playroom, its most likely that some of it is going to be spilt of dropped with mats it’s easier to clean with a wet cloth.

Kids love secrets, so why not have a hidden feature such as a hidden entrance or maybe even a secret den. The element of having a different entrance or section to others they will love it, they can share it with who they want again this will give them a sense of independency. 

To keep the playroom easy to tidy and reduce the jobs of keeping it a stress free zone you’re going to need storage, if you need some other storage ideas for the rest of your house have a look at our blog post on storage. One way of making it even easier if you can get the kids doing the tidying for you, to do this you’re going to need a fun storage method. An example is alphabetical boxes, you can label the boxes by letter this way the children can ask or figure out what the object starts with and they can put it away, this also allows a learning tool. 

Magnetic board and strips could come under storage but they also serve the purpose of showing off their toys such as toy cars, obviously you will be only able to show toys that will be magnetic. One of the simpler playroom ideas but could be a really good idea for those kids who struggle to find particular toys.

With the soft mats already down a small climbing wall becomes a possibility, with kids loving to adventure and climb why not let them practice with a small climbing wall. With the mats giving the safety as no playroom climbing wall is going to be high enough that it needs anything more than a safety mat.

Playrooms can be great if you have the space to create one, if you don’t have enough space in your current home maybe it’s time to think about moving into something a little bigger with more room for you and your kids, why don’t you head over to our current development listing and see if you can find anything. Also if you are thinking of moving house but not sure the best way to do it with kids we have a blog post that could help you.

Publish date: 14/12/2016