No maintenance, lower bills and more time for yourself.

The upside to downsizing.

So the kids have flown the nest and you’re starting to think about your future. For the first time in however man years, your home is your own. 

This is your chance to find a home that’s designed especially for you from top to bottom; a home that incorporates brand new appliances and the latest in energy efficiency technology, so reducing your monthly bills. It’s also a great opportunity to release some well-earned equity. Well, look no further than a new build home.

Whether you’re looking for specially designed retirement properties, or if you’d just like to downsize to something that will better suit your needs, new homes give you a range of alternatives.

And with a number of great options to help make your move easier, from part exchange schemes, equity release options, help with moving costs, and qualified sales advisors on hand to help you at every step of the way, moving to your next home may not be as daunting as you thought.

Adapting To Your Needs

Just because you don’t need 3 or 4 bedrooms anymore, doesn’t necessarily mean you want a smaller home.
With a new home, you need not compromise.

We listen to our customers and we know that downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean less space, rather it’s about providing you with the right sort of space. Rather than downsizing, it’s better to think ‘rightsizing or ‘smartsizing’. Everything in your new home will be brand new, designed for modern living, and chosen to ensure your home remains energy efficient and cheap to run.

To find out more about a new home designed around your needs, talk to a sales advisor or find a builder near

Retirement Living

There are a number of specialist developers who deal with the over 60s (and sometimes over 55s) and are focused specifically on the lifestyles of people just like you, giving you and your family security and peace of mind.

These retirement properties offer the perfect mix of independent living and an active lifestyle amongst like-minded people who can quickly become good friends and part of your social life. Varying levels of support are also on hand if and when required to add to you and your family’s peace of mind.

Retirement apartments are secure, easy to manage and are economical to run. They offer the privacy and comfort of being in your own home surrounded by your own possessions and being able to look out over an immaculately maintained garden knowing that you never have to mow the lawn or do the heavy chores ever again!

Within a few weeks of moving into a retirement property, an overwhelming proportion of buyers state that they wished they had made the move earlier.

Publish date: 02/06/2016