5 First Night Essentials For Our New Home

Being highly organised was the key to our smooth move.

Being highly organised was the key to our smooth move when we relocated the family from North Wales to Worcester 12 months ago, for work purposes.

I was in charge of the administration (such as change of addresses, redirecting the post) and packing the accessories and decor – and my Husband dealt with the mortgage, Removal Company and the move day itself. 
As we moved with our two-year-old twins we had to make sure that we had all the essentials for the first few days. We needed somewhere to sleep that was comfortable and not too strange, with all our usual provisions.
So if you are embarking on a house move shortly then here are my 5 tips for making the move stress free and the first night essentials you will need in your new home:
1/ Food.

Have a large food delivery arranged for your new address, or if you cannot get this organsied then try to visit a supermarket. The second day of our move we visited a local supermarket and stocked up the fridge – one important job! We then had a look around the area for other local amenities. As we were new to the area this was a handy thing to do; to get our bearings and find all the significant places.
2/ Packing.

Labelling all the boxes prior to moving was such a good idea as everything could be taken to the appropriate room and unpacked accordingly on moving day. We also made sure that kitchen essentials were to hand when we unpacked – such as kettle, toaster, cutlery, plates and cups etc. We have also been glad of our new large garage to store the belongings that we didn’t want to unpack until a later date.
3/ Make children’s rooms comfortable.

We made sure that our children’s bedrooms had curtains up the first night and that their beds were assembled with their bedding and toys. I was worried that our twins may not settle that well on the first night but they were both absolutely fine. They were actually pretty tired from all the excitement, the journey down and were just glad to get into their new rooms!
4/ Familiarise yourself.

Make yourself familiar with any keys, alarms or security systems. Because we moved into a new-build home the site management gave us a tour on the first day, which felt welcoming and friendly plus we could ask any specific questions. Get familiar with new appliances and any new codes or routines.
5/ Cleaning.

Because we moved into a new home, other than assembling curtains and blinds, there wasn’t a lot else to do to the home. No cleaning was required, as the house had been given a deep clean prior to us having the keys. However, in previous properties we have had to thoroughly clean the house on the first day. Make sure you have cleaning products to hand so that you can start this as soon as you get the new keys.
The next day, after our first night in our new home, we introduced ourselves to our neighbours and got chatting to lots of people who had already moved in. This has been great; we now know everybody by name and are very friendly.
Our move had been very smooth and the company that we hired to help us move over 100+ miles to Worcestershire did such a great job. 

Publish date: 05/08/2016

Publisher: New Home Finder

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