Living In Our New Build Home: 6 Months On

So far we have furnished most rooms, hung curtains and blinds in most rooms...

When we decided last year to move house we realised that it wasn’t going to be an easy decision seeing as we had a very young family and led such busy lives.

Therefore making the move as smooth as possible and transitioning easily into a brand new life was important for us. We had to make it work.

Selecting a new build property on a development made the whole procedure far easier and stress free, which was why it was part of our decision making process. 

This is because there were certain issues that we simply didn’t have to worry about, such as whether a chain might collapse near completion time, or whether there would be any major work to do once we moved in.
Moving to a new build development and selecting a brand new home definitely took a lot of the headache and pressure away from the whole moving process.

In fact, in our experience, it made it very enjoyable indeed.
Selecting a new build was quite a change for us as we had gone from a much older property (a 1900 country cottage) to a new style. However, now that we have lived with it for 6 months I can honestly say that I am totally converted to new build living and I don’t think I could ever go back!
The contemporary living space works far better for our lives and the design flows so well; it is ideal for the children and our modern lives. Plus it all feels and looks so clean and new and makes it far easier to keep tidy and fresh.
We have all settled into our new area and life so well within the last 6 months and we did this by throwing ourselves into the local community and getting involved in as much as possible. This has meant that we have felt part of the local area more and as though we have lived here for years!
So far we have furnished most rooms, hung curtains and blinds in most rooms, as well as decorating the children’s bedrooms and some downstairs rooms. We have completely unpacked all the boxes and are making the most of the wonderful new storage we now own!

I would like to paint other rooms such as the master bedroom and hallway later on this year and finish styling all of the rooms. There are some decorative accessories such as rugs, blinds and storage that I would like to complete too throughout 2016. The wish list is growing!
The big project for this summer though is going to be outside in the garden. When we moved in it was simply only a lawned area. Since then patio paving tiles have been laid and trees have been added to the edging. It still however looks very bare and in need of some colour and shrubs. We are planning to get out there when the weather improves to plant together and section out some areas for growing and playing for the children.

The last 6 months in our new home have completely flown by and yet we are all as happy as ever. The move was definitely the best decision for our family and we look forward to settling our roots here and making it a lovely family home for many years to come.

Publish date: 09/03/2016