Decorating The Children's New Bedrooms...

was paramount from day one

When we were in the process of moving our young family from our North Wales cottage into a new-build home, we were mindful of making sure the transition was as smooth as possible for everybody involved.

The twins were just over two-and-a-half years old at the time and we wanted to ensure that they didn't feel too much disruption or apprehension from the big family move to Worcester.
My husband and I tried to keep our moods positive and upbeat throughout the house-buying process, for the sake of the children.

This wasn't always easy because moving can be a stressful time, but we knew that this would make the children feel more content; they pick up on any stress when we are feeling anxious. We also involved them in the packing process, getting them to help us pack the boxes as well as talking to them the whole time to explain what was happening.
When we moved in, making our new family house feel as homely and as welcoming as possible was paramount from day one; so we set about creating gorgeous but stylish bedrooms for the twins. We wanted to give them both character and pack them with personality. Getting their rooms ready, conformable, cute and lovely was our first priority before any other decorating or DIY projects went ahead.
For the first night in our new home my husband put up blinds and curtains in their rooms and the beds and furniture were all fully built. Their rooms looked and felt comfortable straight away and the twins slept really well and didn’t seem upset at all. We made sure they had all their previous toys, teddies and bedding to help them settle.

Decorating The Children's Bedrooms With Familiar Toys
Within the next few months I sourced some wallpaper, paint and accessories and then hired a decorator to help me create the looks.
In my daughter's room we went for a pink flamingo wallpaper feature wall and added pink bunting, plus some white and cream accessories – such as cushions, a rug and a lamp. 
Bedroom Accessories For A Little Girls Room

For my son we added a trucks & tractors wallpaper to his room (on a feature wall) as well as blue and cream accessories. We also added in plenty of storage – which is vital for all their many games and toys!

Truck and Tractor Wallpaper. Children's Bedroom Decor
They both absolutely love their bedrooms and often go in and play in them. Both of their bedrooms are very spacious which means that they can have friends in there to stay or play. They have both settled so well in our new home, which has helped to make the whole move happy and very positive!
My Top Tip

For anybody decorating a child’s bedroom my tip would be not to go too themed because already my son has decided that he now adores dinosaurs, and Lottie has said her favourite colour is now suddenly blue!

However, by keeping most of the walls neutral and by using mostly decorative accessories to create a theme has meant that we can change the looks at any time with minimal effort or expense. 

Publish date: 14/07/2016

Publisher: New Home Finder