Getting Ready To Move Home

A few top tips from blogger Jess Soothill.

With 2-year-old twins, the prospect of moving house made me feel rather anxious.

Life was busy and chaotic enough without adding in the reality of boxing up our whole lives and shifting it over 100+ miles away.

I stood in my home one day, surrounded by a mountain of cardboard, and literally did not know where to start.

We had opted for a removal company to collect the boxes and then transport it to our new home in Worcestershire, but we were to pre-pack the boxes.
Luckily they also dismantled the much larger items (such as beds and wardrobes) and then assembled them at the other side. And they put hanging clothes onto portable rails. This option certainly minimized a lot of stress and made our lives much easier. Especially as we were moving so far away, and that we had a young family.
I actually got most of the packing up done fairly quickly – it went much smoother than I expected. Our home was a three-bedroom detached cottage and open-plan, so our actual accessories and furnishings were fairly minimal. And I tried to get as much done as I could during the evenings and during the children’s nap times.
One thing about moving, it certainly forces you to have a good clear out! We spent quite a few weekends clearing out the shed, cupboards and shelves; taking trips to the local tip and carting bags off to charity shops. We also sold some items too. It felt quite good to have a good de-clutter – rather therapeutic really!

Luckily we were moving to a much larger home (a five-bedroom new build), and so we could take most of our large possessions with us. We decided to take these items and then decide whether we wanted to keep them at a later date. I am still slowly going through our furniture and changing it now, 6 months on.
Our moving-in date wasn’t delayed, and we were constantly kept up to date with all the progress by the developer so that we could pass this on and communicate it to our buyers.
On moving day itself, the twins and I went to stay with my parents, and my Husband helped the moving process with the removal company.

This again meant that we were out of the way and not causing too much disruption, or creating any accidents! It went very smoothly, nothing was damaged or broken and the whole procedure was very easy indeed! The removal company that we used were very professional and gave an excellent service.

Jess’s tips for moving home:

  • Be as organsied as you can in advance, and try not to leave all the packing to a few days.
  • Try to use a removal company if finances allow. Ask friends or family for any recommendations on local companies.
  • Have a good de-clutter and sort out before you move – really think about whether you need to take all of your possessions.
  • Keep must-have items to one side – like the kettle and teabags!
  • Label all your boxes clearly, tape them securely, and then organise them into the rooms you want them to go in at the new house.
  • Ensure you notify any appropriate companies that you are moving. 

Happy moving!

Jess also writes the parenting & lifestyle blog and you can also find her on twitter @soot1978

Publish date: 11/01/2016