Getting Settled In Our Area

Once we made the big move into our brand new family home, we started to set about creating a new life there for ourselves.

As a family of four we had some settling in to do; new friends to make and building the foundations for our new family life.
One of the factors that I was most concerned about, when moving into a new house, was making new friendships.

However, moving to a new build location is good because it means that everyone around you is in the same position as you and so there is a strong feeling of camaraderie.

All your neighbours move in together over a small period of time and you therefore instantly feel a sense of community. 

We have moved a few times now over the last 10 years, and we definitely feel as though we have made new networks quicker this time than ever before.

People have been so forthcoming and hospitable due to the new build development. The first important job for us as a family was to select a school for our 3-year-old twins. 
We decided to go with the local school, as we wanted our children to make friends in the village, and grow up with them. We went for a look around first, to make sure we liked it and that it was the suitable environment for our children to play and learn. I highly recommend this if you are looking for schools in a new area.
As a result of getting the school right it has really helped us all to feel a part of the village - and we have started to get to know other parents and children very fast. Plus the twins have made some lovely new friends now too!
Once I sorted this out, then came other important places to join such as the Doctors, Dentist etc (most of which I found online or through asking the neighbours).
On a personal note I went to yoga, running club and events on at school myself, in order to meet new Mums and build my own relationships. I must say that I have settled in far quicker than I thought I would – and I am surprised that everyone has been so very welcoming.
My husband joined the local cricket team and met some new friends that way and this has also made him feel part of the community.
I would say that for us, diving in, and getting involved in as much as you can locally is key – for you meet new people and often find new friends quickly this way. Join clubs or societies or just go along to a local coffee morning or cake sale, because usually this is the way to meet others. People are typically very friendly and welcome to new homeowners and genuinely want to get to know you.

Definitely get out there and enjoy!

Publish date: 18/02/2016