Interior Design Planning For Our New Home

We made the decision not to rush into making styling choices initially...

Once we got the keys, moved into our new-build home and had lived in it for a few months we decided to start adding some new furniture and home decor.

We made the decision not to rush into making styling choices initially, because we wanted to live in our home and see how we used it - before diving in. This is something that I am sure we will continue to do within the first few years.
One of the issues we had when we moved is that we had gone from living in a 1900 cottage, that was packed full of character and country charm - to a brand, new-build, contemporary, 5-bedroomed home. Our previous style had therefore been country chic; wood, bunting, florals and classic colours. However, some of the items (once we were in) looked dated and didn't quite fit in with the modern decor.
I had a bit of a styling crisis after we moved in - I just wasn't sure what style and trends I liked. And whether to go all out modern or keep a more 'classic' look.
As a blogger I was already reading a lot of home and interiors blogs - so I gained a lot of inspiration from these sources. I also bought magazines, read homes articles online and viewed lots of images via Pinterest. The show-homes of new build developments gave me creative concepts too, for these looked very impressive. I got a great deal of superb designs from all these places and created my own mood boards for ideas.
We have just started the process of having the walls decorated - we are going for greys and whites throughout downstairs. I like the Nordic/Scandi style, however with 3 years old twins this is a little too ‘white’ living for us. So I have been adding in colours that compliment grey - such as yellow and pinks. And using accessories such cushions, rugs and throws to inject some colour and interest into the spaces and give it warmth.

I have however, now fully embraced the contemporary look. I love it. It suits the house so much. And I love the modern prints, canvasses, vases and ornaments you can pick up to really complete the look.
One of the modern styles we love throughout the house is the use of shelving - a popular trend used to display prints, photographs or children's books etc. We have bought quite a few in various shapes, colours and sizes that we have used in numerous ways throughout different rooms. I love them and by accessorising them it creates a very up-to-date style.

We still have some large furniture decisions to make - such as a new dining table, and sofas. But I am going to take my time to decide on these, for they are such important decisions to our family life! I do have some ideas in mind, but am enjoying searching for the perfect pieces.

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Publish date: 27/01/2016