An Introduction To Our Family And Our New Build Home In Worcester

I'll be sharing our big adventure moving from an old cottage in Wales to a new build in Worcester.

When my husband came home from work one night back in the spring of 2015 and informed me that he had a work offer to relocate to Worcester, we had some big decisions to make.

Whether to stay in our North Wales home and have him residing away from our young family all week, or whether to leave everything behind and move 100 miles away in order to be together.

We did a lot of discussing. Considering all the options. Wondering whether or not we could indeed relocate to a new area that we knew little about. 
Could we really leave behind our precious family and friends? 

But equally, could we let this opportunity go?

In the end we made the decision to move our family to the Worcester area. We selected this option because we didn’t want to be apart all week, and we also felt as though it was the right time to move before the twins started and settled into school.  We then had that discussion about the kind of property we wanted to buy.

Should we go for an older style home, or perhaps consider a new build property?

At the time we were living in a 1900 cottage in North Wales. Sure it had bags of character and plenty of curb appeal, but it wasn’t the most practical home for our family. It felt cold during the winter and the walls were prone to damp. Plus it was a money-drainer – something always needed doing to it! And no matter how much we renovated it we could never make it exactly what we wanted.

We therefore decided to move to a new-build home; the layout and living space you get with new-build designed homes was exactly right for us. Plus we knew that once we were in that we wouldn’t have to do any work to it.

In this new feature on this website, each week I am going to take you through our move and share with you our story. I will be writing posts to do with our decision to move, how and why we selected our new build home, moving house with a young family, decorating our new build home and how we live in it and use it.


I will be sharing our journey with you and take you through our very big adventure! We have learnt so much and I have lots of hints and tips to share.
So please do watch this space!
By Jess 

Jess also writes the parenting & lifestyle blog and you can also find her on twitter @soot1978

Publish date: 16/11/2015