Where I Find My Inspiration For Styling Our Home

Gone are the days when magazines were the only source for finding inspiration for styling a home.

Gone are the days when magazines were the only source for finding inspiration for styling a home. There is so much information and a variety of resources out there today, and a wealth of vision for homes and interior design.
But where exactly do I get inspired for my own home decor?
We have been in our new build home now for just over 6 months, having moved here from a country-style cottage. 
And whilst I would say that previously my style was ‘country modern’, since the move it now feels as though I have progressed towards a more minimalist, cotemporary look.
I think the new property has made me lean this way as well as influences from other places. I do now much prefer the uncluttered, simple look and a more minimalist style for our own family living. With greys and neutrals as the main tones with pops of colour within accessories and home furnishings.
As a parenting and lifestyle blogger anyway, before the house move, I was already reading a lot of home and interiors blogs - so I gained a lot of inspiration from these sources. But since moving into our new build home last year I have sought even more vision from such blogs and websites.
The great thing about a blog is that it really does give you a personal and individual perspective on living in a home. These people are residing there - tell you how they styled it, where they shop and what they like. Personal blogs are superb for replicating their good ideas and for getting truly inspired for your own home. It feels real and achievable.
I still do buy and love magazines too, as these sources give me great ideas on trends and how to achieve a flawless look. It is good to get ideas from the glossy magazines on styles, colours and fashions as usually these publications are up-to-date and very current and written by expert interior designers.
As well as this I use Pinterest for a great deal of room and space inspiration. Pinterest is a website that is a visual bookmarking tool that helps people to discover and save creative ideas. It is full of photographs (some with links to shops or websites) that help to develop vision and creativity. Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board – similar to making a real-life mood board. You can save pins and go back later to re-look at them.
I use Pinterest to get inspiration for rooms, colours, fashions and trends. It really is such a superb resource for creativity and ideas.
Finally the show-homes of new build developments have given me many creative concepts too. They are styled so exquisitely and look very impressive. I have been around many show homes on developments to look inside them for ideas. What is great about a styled show home is that you can see how to live and what works well for modern family living.
So now that I am fully inspired it is just about putting it all into practice now! That really is now the fun part!

Publish date: 26/02/2016