Living In Our Home

Day-to-day family life

Our family life is never quiet! With twins (who are aged 4) there is never a dull moment for my husband and I. We are always dashing here, there and everywhere to work, preschool, parties, shops, family events etc and life is therefore fast paced and hectic! 

Consequently, we love being in our new-build family home, where we can relax and unwind on the days where we have no plans; weekends at home are special and really important to us all. We play, chill and catch up. 

Our home has become our sanctuary since moving here 12 months ago

Most of our daily family life revolves around the kitchen. On a morning I am making breakfast, drinks, lunches for school and emptying the dishwasher. The twins play between here and the playroom until it’s time to get dressed and brush teeth. Daddy goes off to work with his coffee and a kiss goodbye!
Coffee and a Kiss, Day To Day Family Life

During the day – once the twins are in preschool – I work from home, as a freelance writer and blogger. Having my own separate office is really important to me as it allows me to be extremely creative and productive. I love having my own space to work in – plus when I am finished I can shut the door on it all.
Working from home allows me to be there for the children for all the school pick ups and drop offs, as well as being able to pop the washing on the line during the day and keep on top of housework. It is an ideal situation for our family life.
After preschool and work we have our dinner together in the kitchen and it becomes a hive of activity once more. Sitting around the table in our kitchen/diner is fantastic as we can chat about our day plus it keeps the living areas clean and tidy.
Once dinner is cleared away we move into the living area for some TV and relaxing in front of a movie or the children’s programmes. We then head upstairs for the twin’s bath and bedtime at around 7pm. They have a bedroom each and I love tucking them up into their beds and reading them a bedtime story.

TV and Relaxing, Day To Day Family Life
Bath And Bedtime, Day To Day Family Life

Once the little ones are kissed and fast asleep it is then our TV time in the living room; we like to snuggle under a blanket and catch up on our programmes. Our current favourites are box sets such as Game of Thrones and Suits.
Now that the summer months are here we are also using our garden a lot more as a family – especially at weekends. One of the nicest aspects about the summer is the ability to open the patio doors and let the children play outdoors in the garden – on their trampoline and in the sandpits.
On a hot summer evening, when the twins are asleep in bed, my husband and I then like to sit on the patio and enjoy a few beers and a glass of wine together! Perfect for unwinding after a long day!
Our family home is incredibly important to us and allows us to live the modern lifestyle we like. We all love being in our home and spending quality family time together.

A Glass Of Wine While The Kids Sleep, Day To Day Family Life

Publish date: 19/08/2016

Publisher: New Home Finder