Living On A Live Building Site

"I think (naively) I imagined that they would all be gone!"

When we moved into our new build development, back in July, it was halfway through the entire building process.

There were still 20+ homes yet to be built on the site and a great deal of work still left to do there.

When we arrived to move in – on moving in day – I was quite shocked at how much of a building site it looked! I think (naively) I imagined that they would all be gone!
Unless you’re the last ones to move in though, it is possible that major work will still be underway. Roads may not be completed and houses still to be built. Which means construction work going on nearby even when you’re all settled. You therefore need to be primed for occasional inconvenience and disruption when you move in.
Building is just a messy business though!  It creates dust, dirt and noise. And so being prepared for this helps you to appreciate it far more.
Our twins were 3 years old at the time that we moved into our new home, and I was therefore a little worried for their safety whenever we ventured out onto the site. But everything is so secure around the development, and we have walked around it plenty of times without being under any risk. My son actually loves watching the diggers driving by and saying hello to all the builders!
The major benefit of living on a live development though is that you have all the trades on site, including all the site management. This means that you have full access to them for any snagging work or issues you may have with your new property. We have been so impressed with the customer service that we have received from our team. They are so friendly, efficient and helpful too, even with some relatively minor issues we have had. And having them on hand is really useful.
The other advantage is that the show homes are still on display and fully functional. Which means a chance to pop in and get plenty of inspiration for your own new home! I have been getting my ideas from these smart looking homes and getting inspired by their interior designs and styles.
It is also actually such a nice and friendly atmosphere moving into a live development. You get to know your neighbours as and when they move in too. It creates a real community spirit that you wouldn’t get from being the only ones to move into a new home on a street. People genuinely want to meet and greet you – and it fosters real friendships going forward. You all have a real interest in your development.
So even though there is slight inconvenience at times, it really doesn’t matter – for you have a lovely, brand new home to own and that really is a fantastic feeling.
If you are concerned about any issues that do speak to your Site Manager or Customer Service department who will help with any issues

Publish date: 11/02/2016