Making A Snagging List After Moving In

Good for peace of mind indeed!

One of the issues that we were initially a little concerned about in buying a brand new family home was the potential 'snagging' that we may need to have rectified after moving in.

However, we found our own experience a very positive one.
A snagging list is a list of defects in a new build property, after completion.

They are the result of a visual inspection of a newly constructed property carried out by the new home buyer.

Usually done when you move in and passed onto the developer within the first few weeks.
It is always worth inspecting your new-build home for any issues or defects, because although such properties are made to very high-quality standards, there are sometimes mistakes for a variety of different reasons. Inspecting a property as soon you move in means that these can be resolved immediately.

In the first few days of moving in my Husband and I spent a couple of hours going through the whole house - room by room, inside and out. We checked all the finished work. Such as paintwork, doors, windows, plastering and tiles etc. We made a list of issues so that we could pass it on to the developer. This was then agreed with them in a meeting, and then ticked off when the work was done.

Some of the minor issues we had were with scratches on windows, a dent in the back door, a toilet seat not fitted tightly etc. Issues that were resolved very quickly. We did also have a larger problem with some of the downstairs ceilings, however once this was pointed out our developer rectified it all and looked after us very much throughout the process. We were really impressed with their customer service and attention to detail.

A major benefit of buying mid-way through a development is that snagging can be dealt with quickly by the on-site building management team, as they are usually still on the development long after moving in. This has been the case for us; they have always been on hand, friendly and fully contactable. 

Of course the extra work required was a little inconvenient at times, but we were more than happy with the work carried out. 

We feel as though our property has been completed to a really high standard, and we are extremely happy with our new-build home. Plus there is still a 10 year warranty that comes with our new-build home that you just don't get with older properties for any issues further down the line. Good for peace of mind indeed!

Publish date: 05/02/2016