Making Decisions on Curtains and Blinds

It feels as though it is an important decision, because it can give the house a certain look and feel.

Since we moved into our new-build detached home over 9 months ago I have been really unsure about how to dress most of the windows and what key decisions to make. Whether to go for blinds or curtains. Have them all matching or individually styled. Whether to buy them, or have them made-to-measure by a specialist. So many choices!
It feels as though it is an important decision, because it can give the house a certain look and feel. Plus we have different sized windows and a few bays too.
On our first night here in our new-build family home my Husband sorted out the most important windows first by fitting blinds. These were in the children’s bedrooms, our room and the guest room so that we could have some privacy from the outset. Yet since then, most of the other windows have subsequently remained bare.
Windows are often a big feature of most living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and more, and so ensuring that they are made the most of is essential for effective interior design.
I have therefore been waiting for some inspiration - and in the meantime I have been seeking out ideas through various sources (such as online and in magazines).
Decorating the windows of a new home though is quite an exciting prospect. There are many different colours, styles and options to select from and it can set the tone for the rest of the decor.



As our new home is fairly contemporary and modern I am consequently drawn more towards the idea of blinds – they are so sleek, stylish and yet practical and come in a wide variety of many different textures and colours.
They would be perfect for areas such as our kitchen, bathrooms, playroom, study and utility room. Plus they can be a slightly cheaper way to dress windows than buying heavy, lined curtains and thick poles.



However, I am not discounting out curtains. We will most likely be putting curtains into some rooms too (such as the living room and bedrooms) for a more luxurious feel, as well as adding warmth, texture and colour.
I do very much like the feeling of drawing curtains particularly in the winter months, plus they block out light, are ideal for privacy and keeping out drafts.
Even though we live in a new build home, which requires very little to no major DIY work, putting up curtains and blinds is still essential. The walls in new-build homes are quite different to older properties and require certain drill bits and settings. We want our home to look as good as it can be and so we will make sure that we don’t make any awful mistakes when fitting them ourselves!
Hubby and I are definitely enjoying making our new family home a little cozier and practical as well as attempting to achieve a stylish and modern look.

Publish date: 27/06/2016