Making Friends And Meeting People

Good friends are hard to find, they say...

It sounds a little cheesy regarding this issue, but friendships really are incredibly important to any individual. Friends have a huge impact on our happiness. Having a good network of friends helps to keep people happy, provides support and helps with emotional wellbeing.
Good friends are hard to find, they say.
So when my Husband and I (and our 3 year old twins) moved away from all of our friends in North Wales last year – due to a work relocation – I was very worried that we would struggle to make new ones. That we might feel isolated in our new home of Worcester, and that we would get very home sick.
As I work from home this can be quite isolating at times anyway and so I thought that the prospect of meeting new people in our new area would be limited.
However, the opposite has happened!
We have made so many new networks already and have started a fantastic new social life! We are now very busy, have met some lovely new people and feel truly content in our new home.

I have always made friends with people that I have crossed paths with regularly: school, work, neighbours etc so the places we frequent as a family have been where we have found our new friends. It has happened fairly naturally.
Moving into a new build development has been perfect for us to meet new people because everyone around us is in the same position. There has been a strong feeling of friendship already from our neighbours – people want to meet us and chat.

The last property we lived in was very rural which meant that we hardly saw anyone coming and going. This new home still has its privacy but we are far more sociable because people walk past and talk far more. Plus there are people in exactly the same situation as us, i.e. new to the area, who are also reaching out to make contact.
Through the children starting school we have made friends with some of the parents quickly. The twins have been on play-dates and we have arranged lots of days out already. They have so many lovely new friends and have settled into school life really well.

My husband joined the local village cricket team and has also met some new friends that way. This has also made him feel part of the community and with people that he has a common interest.
It’s funny because once we initially met a few people sooner or later we have ended up meeting our friend's friends, and it has developed from there. And by attending parties and functions this has also widened our circles even further.
We have both made a lot of conscious effort to meet new people between us since moving last August, but it has also come very easily too. People have been very friendly and welcome and have genuinely made us feel right at home here.

Publish date: 22/06/2016