No Chain, Our Buying Story

Once we decided that we were going to move house, due to my Husband’s job, we had the big choice to make – a new build, or an older property?
Since we had very young twins at the time and we were moving over 100 miles away to an area that we didn’t know anything about, the new build option really appealed to us. And as a result of this, it won us over.

Buying new takes away the stress of being in a property chain that may collapse, right up until the end (as there's no upward chain to contend with when you buy a new-build home). And for us we just didn’t want this happening seeing as we were moving so far away.
Purchasing a new home therefore limits the chance of being caught in a time-consuming and often disappointment-ridden chain. We already had a buyer for our home who wasn’t in a chain either, and so us buying a new build home also appealed to them too. All sides were consequently keen to progress.
Some house builders even offer a part-exchange deal on your existing home, saving you the expense of selling through an estate agent and the worry that the sale may fall through due to complicated chains, poor surveys or other glitches.

We also knew exactly when our home was going to be ready. Meaning that we could plan and apply to get the twins into schools, we could make arrangements with work and plot our lives around this set date. I thus felt far more relaxed and stress-free about moving. I could easily plan and organise for our big move without any worry of the contract collapsing.
Also, as we have a young family (three-year-old twins), the prospect of doing any work to make it into a lovely family home filled us both with dread. We subsequently wanted to avoid any major renovation work or DIY this time around. The new build option gave us the lifestyle we craved and wanted.

New-build homes also come with a 10-year NHBC warranty covering structural defects. Most developers also provide their own two-year warranty. This was a huge selling point for us and another reason for us to go new build for our new family relocation.
Buying new certainly worked for our circumstances and made the move easy and hassle free. Purchasing brand-new and buying a home with no inhabitants meant that transactions happened far more quickly and we weren't delayed in making our big move here.

Publish date: 05/05/2016