Our House Buying Experiences...

Taking on 2 period properties & a new build home.

My Husband and I have bought and sold two properties together now. Both have been completely different types of houses and both brought us totally different experiences. One house sold within a few weeks, the other took two attempts and with a great deal of nail biting and pressure.
The first one, (our first ever home together plus a mortgage) was in the lovely City of Chester. A detached property that needed modernising and bringing up-to-date. We were lucky, as we bought it for a reduced price (the buyers had already bought another home and were therefore desperate to sell). We were in a strong negotiating position and our offer was accepted. The bargain was then quickly purchased and we moved in.
Ready with our DIY tools we set about the hard work that followed. Plus it ate our money!

Jess Soothill Sanding Floors In Chester
We are just ‘those kind’ of people though. Within 5 minutes of having the keys to our first home together we had ripped out the old wallpaper and the light fittings! We worked so hard on that house in the years to follow. Sanding floors (oh the mess!), tiling bathrooms and painting walls etc.
When we put that house on the market in order to move into the countryside we knew that the market was buoyant, but when it sold with 2 weeks (for the asking price) we were delighted. We made a profit, packed up our things and moved on with our life – hoping to start a family in our new home.
Our next house was far more of a challenge than the Chester one. A 1900 cottage style, it required modernising (see the trend here?) however far more major renovation work was required this time - wall removal and lintels. We got the builders in and they transformed the house into a large kitchen/diner & playroom. Perfect for our baby twins who arrived a few years later!

The Time And Effort Spend Updating Old Homes
Even though we loved the location and privacy of the house, this detached family home in North Wales still had a few space issues; we were outgrowing it fast. So we placed it onto the market for almost 12 months – with little success. Despite aiming to have the best quality photographs, making the home look enticing and being proactive with our agents the house didn’t sell. We took it off the market and resigned ourselves to a few more years there.
When my Husband received a work relocation to Worcester shortly after we were a little worried about how long our home would take to sell this time. However, in a lucky twist of fete, our neighbours wanted to buy it as the garden backed onto their land! Hurrah! The process was still a little nail biting (because we were embarking on such a big move and things can still always go wrong) but we were delighted to seal the deal and complete!
The third home we purchased together - our current family home – is a new-build, detached, 5-bedroom house. We opted for a new property in order to make sure that there were no complications with the sale of our North Wales home and thus no chain from our side, plus it gave us absolutely everything we wanted from a home.
We all LOVE our new home and living in it during the last 12 months has flown by! I can’t imagine us selling this property yet, but, (as the saying goes), never say never! And if we do want to move then at least we have a little bit of experience under our belts now for any future plans.


Publish date: 09/08/2016

Publisher: New Home Finder

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