Our New Build Development Is Finished

It feels like the next exciting phase of new build life is about to begin.

We moved into our new build development 6 months ago, when it was in the midst of being a busy, working building site and I was a little shocked at how many vehicles there were and just how unfinished it looked.

I am not sure why I had this reaction though because I knew that it was going to be like that – we had been fully prepared for the work still be finished on site. You quickly get used to it though and the heavy building work hasn’t interrupted our daily family lives much at all.
After a few weeks of us moving into our new build home the work quickly moved to the other side of the development and so we have hardly come across much substantial work again.

The only slight issues that we have had so far is with the occasional hefty lorry blocking the main road a few times and friends had to park next door once when our drive was being finished. And initially there also was some drilling noise during the day, but other than that we have felt hardly any disruption.

My twins have even liked watching the lorries go by and chatting to the trade’s people!

It has also been really good having the building management and customer services team based here on the development during the time that we have been here as we could quickly see them if we needed support or help when we moved in. You feel as though issues get resolved faster because someone is on site to help you out.
There have been no health and safety issues either – everything has been well fenced off and sectioned away from the public. It has felt extremely safe to walk around with my children and they have been able to play outside.

I will however still be happy to see the development completely finished and free of work and vehicles. It will be nice to see all the houses finally completed, everyone inside them and living in them, and for all the public spaces and the roads being concluded. Plus as it is now approaching the summer time we will all be able to get out and about together and start meeting new neighbours and it will become even a more of a sociable place to live.
The last few elements are just being finished off currently, the show homes are sold and the building offices have moved off site. We will therefore be free of building work and ‘on our own’ soon.

In all honesty I thought that there would be more disturbance, more mess and more upheaval in the last 6 months of living here but actually it has been very hassle free indeed.
It feels like the next exciting phase of new build life is about to begin.

Publish date: 12/04/2016