Our new build home: 12 months on

We have embraced it and it has been fantastic for us.

Jess Soothill After 12 Months Enjoying Her New Build Home
Jess And The Kids Making The Most Of Their New Build Home
I cannot believe that we have now been living in the area of Worcestershire for 12 months – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! Family life feels quite settled here already and we have made some lovely new friends and are established into work and school.
Once we made the decision to move home last year (due to my Husband’s work) things moved fairly quickly; we were truly lucky finding a buyer for our North Wales home because it had previously been on the market for 12 months and not sold.
We decided to buy new-build ourselves in order to make sure the move went as smoothly as possible and to ensure that the chain didn’t collapse. Plus we fell in love with a new-build development in the exact village that we wanted to live in. Perfect and meant to be!
We all moved into our brand new 5-bedroomed family home back in the summer of 2015 and set about creating a new life here for ourselves. As a family of four we had some serious settling in to do; building the foundations for our new family life.
The main factor that I was most concerned about was making new friends. We had so many wonderful friends back in North Wales and a fantastic support network. I was thus fearful about leaving them behind. These people meant so much to me and had helped me during the hardest times of parenthood with twins.
However, things have gone well here and much better than I ever expected and we’ve subsequently met some really nice people.
In fact, moving to a new-build location has been ideal because everybody has been in exactly the same position. All our neighbours moved in over a small period of time and we have therefore instantly felt a sense of community. We have met plenty of new families.
House-wise we have been busy!

We were unpacked within the first week as we moved from a smaller house into a much larger one and we have been sourcing new furniture in order to update our home decor to a more modern and contemporary look.
As we have a young family it is ideal having rooms such as a separate playroom, a utility room and a downstairs toilet. And having 5 bedrooms means that any of our friends and family come and stay.
Décor-wise we have wallpapered the children’s bedrooms, which look super cute and have made them feel more settled. We have also had some of our main rooms painted white, such as the kitchen and living room, which I am really pleased with. It feels brighter and lighter.

I would like to paint other rooms such as the master bedroom and hallway later on this year. There are also some decorative accessories such as rugs, blinds and storage that I would like to complete too throughout the rest of 2016.
The big project over this summer has been the garden. We have a decent sized outdoor space and have been busy making it an extension of the home. We will spend many hours out there playing and entertaining this year.
Regarding our big move, sometimes in life you have to be brave and do things that you might not have necessarily had in your ‘life plan’. We never expected to end up in this part of the UK at all however we have embraced it and it has been fantastic for us.
Here’s to many more family adventures ahead!

Publish date: 29/06/2016