Our utility room: a functional space

"They are perfect spaces to come in from the garden or a long walk and into the kitchen."

One of the decisions that we instantly regretted about going so open-plan in our last home was the essential need for a utility room. We knocked everything through to create a kitchen/diner and lost the original utility room but actually we very much missed it once we started living there.
They are perfect spaces to come in from the garden or a long walk and into the kitchen. We had a dog, cat and two very small children at the time – all of whom got very muddy indeed, quite regularly – and so we needed a space to hang all of our many coats and to keep our wellingtons & shoes.

Wellington Boots Stored In Utility Room
Moving to our new-build home almost 12 months ago has given us that separate utility area and it feels so good to have that space here. Even though it is a small area it has been a very welcome addition into our family and is proving very practical and useful indeed.
Our cars are parked on our drive next to this room and so we use this as an entrance a great deal – it is easier to carry shopping in from the car, and also our two children. So as well as it being a mini-hallway it is also a wash room, boot room, laundry room and storage area. It is such a multi-functional space.
As well as the stainless steel sink, it contains our washing machine and tumble dryer. Plus the built-in boiler. Our microwave and slow cooker sit in here too, away from the main kitchen.

Jess' Utility Room Sink
It has plenty of cupboard space and we have since added shelving and shoe storage as well as high and low hanging hooks for big coats and little coats, plus one for reusable bags.
Storage in here is the key. Brushes, our vacuum, dusters and cloths are all neatly stowed away out of sight. Plus all of the cleaning products and toxic items are stored away up high and safe from the children. It keeps cleaning tasks efficient and stress-free.
These items tend to be a bit cumbersome and are forever getting in the way usually in a family home, so special utility room storage for them (or fixing them to a wall so they are easily folded away) is an excellent space-saver and well worth the implementation.
I also have the laundry basket and all of our washing products packed in here for easy access and to keep the rest of the house free from drying clothes.
The floor is hardwearing and easy to clean as it is fully tiled. Perfect for muddy feet!
Although it is such a small and usually overlooked room within a home, ours is very important to us. It is perfect for our busy lives and for our family living. We couldn’t be without it now!

Jess' Utility Room Organisation And Storage

Publish date: 16/06/2016