Picking Our Kitchen & Fixtures

After all the financial and legal matters of moving house were well arranged and in progress, (and our new-build plot was secured and officially ours), the very exciting task of selecting our fixtures, kitchen and bathroom fittings began!
I must say that I found this part of the new-build house move extremely enjoyable indeed!

I couldn’t wait to get started and browsed all of the local show homes, online blogs and magazines for inspiration on colour, style and design.
In our meeting on site at the office, we could select from a wide range of kitchen units and worktops, tiles and carpets. They had real examples for us to look at and displays for us to touch and feel.
We already had a modern kitchen in our previous home and so we had some experience in electing and living with colours and finishes. For this house we therefore went with charcoal coloured units for the doors – in a matt finish. We then decided (seeing as we were going to be in this home for some time!) to pick a granite worktop – which we liked in white, with flecks of grey and silver in it. It looks amazing under the spotlights! We went with white tiles for the flooring, (which looks amazing when clean!).
For the bathrooms and en-suites we went for grey, cream and white tiles in a mixture of patterns and textures. And then the same again for the flooring. Keeping it all light has definitely made these spaces feel brighter and bigger.
In the hallway we have selected an oak wooden floor, which looks really welcoming and warm, and is so practical too for our busy lives – especially with two children! Plus it will wear well with our growing family.
We decided to use our house builder to carpet the property for us and went for a putty-colour throughout the rest of our home. This was brilliant because when we moved in it was all clean and new, and looking immaculate and was one less job to think about. It was one less headache for moving day! They did such a fantastic job and we were so pleased with the quality of the choices on offer.
We also upgraded on internal doors, light fittings and other fixtures.
It was amazing when we walked in on moving day and everything we had chosen was in – it all looked superb!
Please note: most of these are at an extra cost in addition to purchasing a new home – please therefore check with your own house builder as to what is and isn’t included in the price of your home.

Publish date: 01/01/2016