Reserving Our Home Off Plan

Chatting to the sales team, leaving a deposit and buying off-plan.

When we were at the stage of selecting our new home, my husband and I wrote down our preferred criteria for the search.

For this stage of our lives, with young children and his job based in Worcester, we were looking for the following from our house move:
  • To be close to good schools, because our twins would be starting primary school in the near future.
  • At least 4 bedrooms so that our parents and other family members could come and stay for long periods with us.
  • Be no more than 30 minutes from the centre of the city for the commute to work.
Once we located and determined all the new build development sites in and around the Worcester area, my husband and I spent a few weekends driving between them all and reviewing them. We viewed the show homes and chatted to the sales teams about our different options.
Schooling was truly important to us – it was high up on our list of things to consider and factor into our hunt. It actually helped us to select our favourite areas in Worcester, and narrow the search down based on school reports.
Next we really researched the builders and house types of the new build developments on offer. All slightly differed in styles and designs - and yet offered us modern living options and well suited our family needs. We narrowed the search down to one particular site and fell in love with one of the house styles. A 5-bedroom property, with an open plan kitchen and living room, and plenty of space. We loved the development and the house design was perfect for our modern family life.

We chatted to the sales team regarding what was available to us - and then selected a vacant plot based on the progress of our house sale and preferred completion dates. We secured the plot by placing a deposit.
We were so thrilled when it was all confirmed! We had a glass of champagne to celebrate that night!
We bought our house off plan (which means that the house is yet to be constructed). You can see the exact plans on paper as to where the plot will be, and the size, you just can’t view the actual home, as it isn’t erected yet. We could view the show home to see the house style though and this helped us to imagine ourselves living in it.
Next week read all our decisions to pick our kitchen, fixtures and tiles! What colours we selected and what was included/excluded from the sale.

Publish date: 09/12/2015