Spending The First Week In Our New Home

The first night in our new home was actually very stress-free and enjoyable.

My Husband had made sure that we had curtains in the main bedrooms, and that most of our boxes were already unpacked, and so that we could find virtually everything that we needed.

Our move had been very smooth anyway and the company that we hired to help us move over 100+ miles to Worcestershire did such a great job. 

We were grateful that we had a large garage so that we could store most of the belongings that we didn’t want to unpack until a later date.

And as we had moved into a larger home than we previously lived in it didn’t feel as though our furniture took long to place around the new home!

Labeling all the boxes prior to moving was such a good idea  - as everything could be taken to the appropriate room and unpacked accordingly.

There was no worry or panic about finding essential items.

Which is very important when you have a young family and need their necessities, clothes and toys to hand immediately.
I was worried that our boy and girl twins (who were just 3 years old at the time), may not settle all that well on the first night; we hoped they wouldn’t be too scared or disorientated. But they were both absolutely fine. Children are so resilient and surprise you sometimes. They were indeed probably tired from all the excitement, the journey down and were just glad to get into their new rooms!
They were both happy to see all of their old things, such as beds and toys in the new house – and kept asking if we were staying!

Other than assembling curtains and blinds, there wasn’t a lot else to do to the home during the first week, because it was brand-new. No cleaning was required, as the house had been given a deep clean prior to us having the keys.

Which is always a bonus! We did have to look in manuals for things such as working the dishwasher and oven, but the management team were on site and to hand to assist us with any queries anyway. They also popped by to check we were OK and whether we had any questions.
The second day of the move we visited a local supermarket and stocked up the fridge – one important job! And we had a look around the area for other local amenities. As we were new to the area this was a handy thing to do; to get our bearings and find all the significant places.
For the rest of the week, we visited the local park, town centre and did some other trips out. We also got some administration done such as telling providers that we had moved, and sorting out direct debits and bills.
We knocked on a few neighbours’ doors and introduced ourselves and got chatting to lots of people who had already moved in on the development. This has been great as we now know everybody by name – and we are very friendly. It feels like a real community spirit moving into a new-build development when everyone else is too – as you are all in the same situation and there is a lot to chat about.

We have definitely therefore made a lot of new friends this way and feel really happy in our new home. 

Jess also writes the parenting & lifestyle blog www.mummyofboygirltwins.com and you can also find her on twitter @soot1978

Publish date: 15/01/2016