The Welcome Addition Of A Playroom

Being able to shut a door on the toys and mess is amazing and such a great feeling after a long, busy day of play!

As a family of four there have been a lot of advantages of recently moving to a new-build home with more space and improved family living.

I have talked about all of these positive aspects a great deal throughout my diary so far.

However, as a parent of young boy and girl twins one of the best characteristics of our new build home is indeed the separate playroom that we have gained.
Being able to shut a door on the toys and mess is amazing and such a great feeling after a long, busy day of play!
The show-home presented the space as a separate dining room however when my Husband and I walked around it to view we knew immediately that for our family the room was going to be marked down as the twins playroom. We already had the benefit of a kitchen/diner and space for a table in there and so we didn’t necessarily need the extra table elsewhere.
In our last home (a period property) the small playroom was directly off the kitchen and a walkthrough into the hall area and so we were forever walking and tripping up on toys and balls! I always felt as though it had to be tidy too for when guests came around, which defeated its object.

Having a large playroom now to house all of their games, toys, books and dressing up clothes is wonderful in our family new home. And the children love to have their own ‘kids space’ to hang out and relax away from us grown ups – giving them a sense of independence.

If you have children then you will probably be nodding away now, for sure. Because most families know that that toys and games cannot be contained into a box or chest for long and that tidying them up each day is such a chore!
We have some great storage in the new playroom. There are some floral box units from IKEA as well as some shelving, for their toys, teddies and games, plus a large corner sofa for relaxing together and watching family movies. It is practical but comfortable.

As it is a shared space for our boy and girl twins it has to be a fairly gender neutral room and so we have added some pops of colour into the decor such as greens and yellows. We have also brought in some attractive and modern features such as stylish children’s wall art, a funky lamp, a hanging balloon mobile and bright trendy cushions.

The beauty of having this extra family room (in addition to our main living room) is that it can also be flexible and grow with us. So that when our children have outgrown using it as a playroom it can then become more of a ‘den’ for them during their teenage years. Growing with us as a family.

Publish date: 01/04/2016