New build life: why we don’t miss renovating.

It is fair to say that we have therefore spent most of our relationship doing up houses and pouring vast amounts of money into properties.

When my Husband and I bought our first home together 10 years ago we were lucky because it was at a time when borrowing was fairly easy and mortgages were easier to come by.

We also found a detached property in a beautiful area of Chester where the owners were moving to France and were becoming desperate to sell (having already had an offer fall through).
They therefore accepted our crazy low offer and we popped the champagne cork on our first home together as a couple!
We bought the house even though it needed a lot of modernization – but we were young, keen and excited to get stuck in. Over 3 years we ended up replacing the kitchen, both bathrooms, sanding most of the floors (and generating LOTS of dust), decorating throughout, landscaping the garden and so on. You get the idea. Basically we gutted the house in order to bring it up to a modern standard.

When we moved from there (we now had a Springer Spaniel dog and a cat) we wanted something more rural and charming. We bought a 1900 detached country cottage, which, (yes you guessed it) needed plenty of work.
We had a huge kitchen/diner renovation completed as soon as we moved, in which the builders ripped out walls, rewired and created a completely new layout downstairs. This meant that we had to live in the small living room for a few months; washing up our dishes in the bath and eating takeaways every night.
It is fair to say that we have therefore spent most of our relationship doing up houses and pouring vast amounts of money into properties. From small DIY jobs to huge projects. And a lot of our wages and free time (plus blood, sweat and tears) have gone into renovating our previous two homes.
Whilst it is thoroughly satisfying, and you do get an immense sense of achievement, there is no doubt that it is also hard work. Although it is much cheaper to do it yourself - DIY is time consuming and can be pretty stressful. We have spent many, many weekends drilling, digging, painting and decorating.

When we had our boy and girl twins 4 years ago life became extremely busy overnight and they became our entire world and focus. We therefore wanted to spend every spare minute possible with them and weekends have become precious indeed.
So when we made the decision over 6 months ago to move house again, we absolutely agreed that this time a new build home would be extremely sensible and practical for family life. It would give us all the space we needed, and be exactly how we liked to live our life – in a modern, contemporary and high specification home.
We weren’t wrong. And whilst there are still little jobs to do around the house, like putting up pictures, shelves, blinds and curtains - these are all more trivial than major construction work. Plus they are nice to do!
Also, if you do want to add value to your new build home then adding a conservatory or converting the garage can be bigger projects for the future, if you so wish.
New build life certainly takes away the financial worries of any DIY or renovation work and definitely the stress. And it now means that we can focus on enjoying quality family time together in our beautiful home.
Which has made us very happy indeed.

Publish date: 28/04/2016