Our New Build Home Brought A Revelation With It

Working from home!

Gaining a home office when we moved into our new-build home 9 months ago has been such a revelation because it has been perfect for my growing business and workload.
It has definitely helped me to further develop my blog and my freelance writing career by being able to work separately and creatively.
Two years ago I started my blog (www.mummyofboygirltwins.com) as an outlet for writing and for something extra to do when I gave up my HR career and became a Stay-at-home-Mum. Since then it has grown and become a source of income for me (brands pay me to advertise on my website) and I have also picked up some freelance writing jobs as a result. I am now busier than ever.
Working from home at my iMac and desk is therefore important to me and essential. Creating content, keeping organised with my administration and editing images can be done in the peace and quiet of an independent room and without being disturbed by any housework or noise.
A lot of modern new-builds are built with a separate study area downstairs – or people convert a bedroom in order to have one. They are a very useful space especially for anyone that works from home, or for children who need to study.

New-build developers plan and build new houses knowing that a great deal of us work from home in our modern lives or have children that need an area to do their homework. These spaces are therefore very useful to work inside and are perfect to use as extra home storage.
When we were planning to move we wanted to live in this area and we fell in love with it, however the rural village is renown for its lack of Internet connection. It is something that would have definitely put me off as somebody who needed to work from home. However one of the points of the new build development was that it installed super fast broadband for all its new houses, and so we now have a superb connection and I can work efficiently and effectively with no down time!
For me, I get my own space to work in, and then when I am finished I can shut the door on it. I can therefore walk away once I am completed and create a mini-divide between my work and home. It also means less distraction from the rest of the home and from the children if they are doing something with my Husband.
I have also been able to accessorise it and make it feel more of a creative space. Adding in a pegboard onto my purpose built desk, shelving, prints and stylish accessories to make it feel like a modern but homely area.
And I love my commute!

Publish date: 26/04/2016