Can I Get A Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcies usually last for a period of 12 months, at which point the person is discharged and the remainder of the debt is written off. After this period there are then some options available if you want to secure a mortgage. The best piece of advice is to leave things for as long as you can after you have been discharged from the bankruptcy. A bankruptcy order shows on your credit report for a minimum of 6 years, so even after you have been discharged after a 12 month period, it will still appear on your file for 5 more years. If you apply early for a mortgage after being discharged, it's likely that you will have to meet more stringent criteria, pay higher interest and need a larger deposit in order to secure a mortgage, however waiting longer and after the 6 year period will give you a better chance of securing a better mortgage deal. 

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