Best Places to live in Edinburgh

Thinking of moving to Edinburgh but not sure where will be best for you?

Here's our pick of some of the best places to live to help you choose...
Edinburgh has quickly become known as one of the best cities in the UK and this is for good reason. It offers so much to those who have the good fortune of living there. Not only is it beautiful, with stunning architecture and secret gardens. It also offers a fantastic food and drinks scene, fantastic shopping and not to mention it's status as the number one festival city in the world. As well as this lively cultural scene, Edinburgh is also known for having a great choice of schools making it just a popular with families.

Edinburgh has plenty of choices when it comes to where you can live, all with their own communities and vibe, so we have chosen a few to help you out, if you are planning on moving to Edinburgh or simple just relocating within the city.



Stockbridge is located north of the city centre within a short 10 – 15-minute walk. The area has a relaxed bohemian vibe. The streets have plenty of craft shops, cafes, small restaurants and pubs to keep you entertained. One particular street which is great for vintage clothing is St Stephan’s Street. The area offers a handful of parks and beautiful scenery such as the Botanical Gardens and Water of Leith.

 In March of 2016, it was awarded the best place to live in Scotland by the Sunday Times. With a great primary school and an average house price of £218,249, it is a great choice for young families.


Leith has been redeveloped since the 1980s and has become one the central hubs in Edinburgh for food, bars, and shopping. The Leith Links is a great park with a large play space for kids. The Ocean Terminal is the biggest shopping mall in Edinburgh so anything you might not be able to get at the independent stores, you will most likely be able to find at the high street shops. This could be an option for young professionals working in the city as it is a short 15 minute journey to the city centre. 

Average house price are around £206,592


Portobello is the only beach area of Edinburgh. It has a strong locally driven community which creates a welcoming environment. With a good high street full of cafes and shops, and transport links to the city centre taking around 20 minutes, the area is a perfect choice if you want a break from the city centre and are after something slightly quieter.

You also can’t beat the fresh ocean air in a morning or a walk down the beach on a sunny day. Average house prices are around £290,789 


If you are looking for a quaint village close to Edinburgh, then look no further than Colinton. The peaceful village is based along the water of Leith and gives you a peaceful break away from the busy city. Perfect for those who want to stay close to the centre but now want to live a more relaxed lifestyle. With it being a little further out it take just under 40 minutes to get to the city centre. Average house prices are around £262,394

Now you know some of the best best places to live in Edinburgh, have a look at some of the new builds for sale here...