Best Places to live in Liverpool

Interested in moving to Liverpool, but not sure where to buy a home? We have found the best possible locations.

Liverpool has a population of 467,500 making it the 7th biggest city in the UK. It has always played a big part of the UK's history so it's no surprise the city has a lot of cultural and historical locations to be seen and experienced. Everything from the great city center with it's beautiful cathedrals, to two of the best football stadiums in the country, the Albert dock and plenty of other great sights are all well worth exploring.

   Liverpool has had a resurgence over the past 15 years and there are no plans to stop developing the city and the surrounding areas over the coming years. Past development projects include Liverpool One and the Museum of Liverpool which were completed in years gone by and projects such as Liverpool Waters and the new Chinatown are next to be completed.

There are plenty of great locations in Liverpool so if you want a change of location, here are some of the best places to live... 


Located in North Liverpool, within 25 minutes from the centre of the city, Crosby is great for those who work in the city but still want to live somewhere that is family friendly. Being right on the seafront, the great Crosby beach, which holds the Antony Gormley sculptures named ’Another Place’ is right on the doorstep. Crosby also offers a great mix of independent and chain brands and a handful of bars and pubs to explore. 

With Average house prices at £246,396, it is at the higher end of the market but that comes with the area being highly sought after.


Formby over the years has become one of the most popular choices to move to if you want to base yourself In Liverpool. It is just under 40 minutes travel time to city center making it very accessible but without feeling like you are still part of the city lifestyle.

It is also based within the National Trust Nature Reserve which is the home to the beautiful Formby Red Squirrel Reserve, which is a great place to take a break and have a walk. Also, make sure you take advantage of the beautiful Formby beach.

Formby has an average house price of £309,647. This price comes at no surprise given the great surroundings and great houses on offer, popular with the footballers of Everton and Liverpool.


Everton could be called an undiscovered gem, it has plenty of great history through its streets. With it being the town that hosts Everton FC and Liverpool F.C. you’re either red or blue in the city of Liverpool, especially in this town where both stadiums are based. Very accessible to the city with just over 10-minute drive. 

Average House prices are around £73,622


Aintree is perhaps best known as the home of the Grand National however, except when the race comes to town once a year, it is a lovely quiet village that those who have retired may want to consider, as it is close to the centre of Liverpool but with the peace and quiet of a village location.  

With an average house price of £159,523, it’s a great place to take your time and relax. 


If you like to immerse yourself in other cultures Toxteth is for you. It is known as Liverpool’s most culturally diverse community. It is also very close to the beautiful Sefton Park. With developments currently being planned to improve the area.

The average house is just £98,695 so get in there before the others.