Should You Buy A New Build? Absolutely!

My Big Move give their professional advice on why buying a new build is a great idea!

Houses. They are expensive. Really, really expensive!
So you’re probably going to be scared stiff of buying an old house with a dodgy roof.
Our advice? Buy new!
My Big Move were founded by building surveyors and have decades of experience in the property industry. So here are our reasons why we think you should buy a new build:

#1 Security

There have been countless occasions in which people buy beautiful old country homes and swiftly regret their decision. Old homes can be expensive to fix and maintain. They can have damp problems, structural issues, roof defects, electrical faults, poor plumbing, and not to mention the hefty heating bills… the list is endless!
With a new build, you have none of that. Strict building regulations ensure new builds are of a very high standard. They are generally cheaper to run and New Home Finder properties come with a 10 year NHBC (National House Building Council) warranty.


#2 Latest Specifications

What about those lead pipes and artex ceilings? Not in a new build! Buying a new home means you get the most up to date materials. A new home will be greener, more efficient and cheaper to run. Some even come with clever modern electrical trickery, just ask the developers!


#3 Make it Yours

Redecorating. Let’s face it, not many people enjoy doing it. Moving someone’s old furniture out isn’t our idea of a good time either. If you decide to buy a new build, then usually you are in charge of what goes in it (providing you catch it early enough).
When your home is finished, it will be to your standards and specifications already!


#4 No chain

What is the single biggest factor that delays home movers? The chain!

Sometimes you can have a row of 10 people, all waiting for the same thing. One little problem and it can delay everyone! Buying a new house means you are in no worry of this happening.


#5 The government want you to buy a new build!

The government have released the ‘starter homes initiative’. The initiative will allow first-time buyers to purchase new homes priced up to £250,000, or £450,000 in London, at below market value!  There is also a help to buy scheme which gives you an extra helping hand with your deposit!


What to do now?

Years of surveying old properties really does point you in the direction of a new build. Security, helpful schemes, warranties, you name it! What do you do next? We advise you having a look at some of the developments New Home Finder have to offer.
Whilst you are looking, you probably are best seeking the help from a mortgage advisor to see what you can afford. They can find the best deals on the market for you – don’t just go to your local high street bank!
You can find mortgage advisors by visiting
Once you know what you can afford, it’s time to go shopping for you new home!

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Publish date: 03/10/2017