When You Know It’s ‘The One’

& Jess Soothill's advice on what to do once you've fallen in love

When viewing homes, many buyers walk into a property for the first time and they fall head-over-heels in love with it. The beaming smile on their face says it all. They just know that it’s ‘the one’.
Perhaps it’s not even something that you can really describe to anyone else, or put your finger on, yet it’s a ‘feeling’ all the same.It is that moment when you find your happy place.

You WANT to live there. You can imagine yourself in the rooms and it makes you feel happy.

For some people it is the feeling of space. Other people might love the fact that it is a real blank canvas to get their hands on. Or perhaps it is placed in the perfect location.
It does seem to be so different for many house-buyers and can often be as a result of the smallest of reasons.

Once you’ve fallen in love?
If you do love the flat or house, don’t just visit it once; go back again a few times before you make an offer. Often the second or third viewing might show up some concerns that you didn’t see the first time around, which might help with pricing.
Have a really good view around the property (take your time) and ask plenty of questions.
Also, go back to the street/area at night, drive past at rush hour, and see what schools are nearby and whether they walk past your new home. Lots of things might irritate you once you are in, so it's good to establish these factors before you buy.
It is also a good idea to revisit your original criteria for moving and make sure that it fully ticks off all the requirements you were looking for.
You should, however, usually always go with your gut feeling – because it is normally right. You can be equipped with all the facts, floor plans and flow charts, but usually the clinching factor in any property purchase is human instinct.

And if you don’t get it?
If a competitor does beat you to the deal, or your dream home rejects your top offer, then try not to be too despondent – as hard as this is. Of course it can feel devastating but something else will absolutely come up, you just need to be a little more patient. At least you know what you now love from a home and can search for this next time around, and you'll also be better placed to make a quicker decision or offer next time from the experience.
But, what was your moment? Was it a feeling, a smell or a sound? When did you know your home was the one?

Publish date: 03/05/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder

Url: https://www.newhomefinder.co.uk/new-home-info/buying-new/when-you-know-it-s-the-one