Four Ways To Become A Calling Neighbour

For all the ornithologists out there...

Calling birds are in fact a mythical creature and likely meant as a representative of something as opposed to an actual being.

Colly meaning black from the word colliery or coal mine suggests the famous song was referring to the gift of Blackbird’s.

Research shows that the blackbird was a Tudor source of food and therefore could be representative if giving the gift of food.

‘Colly’ could also mean starling which is a song bird kept in a cage. The Songbird being representative of relationships and courtship.

Either way, calling birds have become representative of forging relationships and giving which ties in nicely with one of the biggest parts of moving home – meeting the neighbours.
‘Take a look at some of the best ways you can break the ice and meet your new neighbours.

A Cup of Sugar – no really.

Take a box of biscuits or chocolates round to your neighbours and introduce yourself. Likelihood is everyone will be new to the neighbourhood and up for meeting new faces.

Moving in BBQ

Once you are settled, if having a moving in party why not invite some of the neighbours too? Post an invitation through their door or better yet knock on the door and say hi and ask if they want to come join the party.

Ask to Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your neighbour for a helping hand – ask to borrow some ladders or for some help with some manual labour. The worst thing they can say in no, but likihood is most will be up for helping.

Schools and Amenities

As most of the residents will be new to the area so why not offer some advice on schooling or local takeaways that you have found which you like? Knowledge is power so get sharing! 

Publish date: 11/11/2016

Publisher: New Home Finder