On the fifth day of Christmas it is all about gold, gold and more gold.

And we think the dining room is the perfect place to bring a little (or a lot) of the metallic trend into your home

On the fifth day of Christmas it is all about gold, gold and more gold.

Metallics are one of the trendiest interior décor themes out there right now and you can easily embrace it this Christmas by turning your table into a golden masterpiece.

So what’s the hype around metallic home decor?

Well according to interior designers Jamie Bush and Kelly Hoppen, featured in this article by the Wall Street Journal, it’s the ability to mix and match different types of metallic effects that really makes this a stylish yet flexible home décor trend. 

Choosing a shiny finish is guaranteed to make a statement and depending on your tastes you can either go for just a touch of shimmer and shine or go the whole hog and create a high impact room (think Palace of Versailles style). 
So considering that most of us spend over £160 on food just for the Christmas period alone, it is well worth putting a little time and effort in to making the table you’re eating at look just as expensive. That’s why we think the dining room is the perfect place to bring a little (or a lot) of the metallic trend into your home.

So here’s how…

Embrace the napkin ring.

While the days are long gone when we needed napkin rings to identify our own laundry from the rest of the households, they do still offer a great opportunity for bringing a little extra sparkle to your dining table, especially at Christmas.

They come in all shapes and sizes but our particular favourites were these Gold Leaf Beaded Napkin Rings from Debenhams. At just £14 for four, these can easily be accommodated into your festive budgets and thanks to the organic form inspired by leaves and foliage, these will be stylish and trendy however many years you decide to keep them.  

While you might not need to identify your napkin at all times, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on which wine glass is yours, and we have just the thing for that.  

Invest in some wine glass charms.

Big Bead Little Bead have some lovely Wine Glass Charm Rings on offer from as little as £1.50, so you don’t need to spend much to add these little touches to your table. You can choose a simple, Christmas themed charm such as these ones below, or to make it extra special, you could choose a personalised charm for your family members and friends. 

Think about choosing letter charms for their initials or go one step further and match their charms with their birthstones.

Take charge with golden chargers

The third way you can introduce a little metallic sophistication to your dining table is with these lovely John Lewis Gold Lacquer Underplates, at £8 each these are a little expensive, especially if you are setting the table for more than 4! 

But, thanks to the simple design, they will easily match everything from a super festive Christmas table to a more relaxed look for other special occasions throughout the year, meaning you will definitely be able to get your money’s worth out of these.

At the very least, under-plates and chargers are also a stylish way to limit the damage done to your tablecloths if you have one or two spillage-prone guests at the table!

Once the table settings are taken care of the next thing you need is to consider is your table centre piece.

We think this brass bird bowl from Etsy is the perfect choice. Not only is it suitably metallic to keep in line with our gold, metallic theme, it also features two turtle doves as well! What could be more Christmassy than that?

Better still, thanks to its simple design, this would look just as lovely on your table throughout the entire year as it would do at Christmas. You can simply change the style by changing the plants you choose to display in it.

For Christmas the obvious choice is a poinsettia, but at other times in the year you could choose tulips for spring, roses for Valentine’s Day or trailing ivy for winter. 

Finally, the key to creating a perfect, festive atmosphere is lighting.

When it comes to the dining room, lighting can be incredibly important. You need to find the balance between ambient lighting for a festive or even romantic feel, but equally, you need to be able to see who you’re passing the potatoes to!

One great what to achieve this is to go for a low hanging light fixture that sits just above the table. This allows enough illumination for eating, but throws the corners of the room in to shadow for that softer kind of illumination. This also provides a great excuse to bring out a few extra candles and fairy lights as well for that extra touch. 

We love this example featured on My Friends House of how you can use pendant lighting above your dining table to really make a bold statement. You can easily create your version of this pendant style lighting by visiting any of the typical high street providers like BHS, John Lewis and Homebase where you can pick up a pendant light from as little as £40.

So there you have our 5 golden rules for creating a perfectly festive and sophisticated dining table. 

Publish date: 16/02/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder

Url: https://www.newhomefinder.co.uk/new-home-info/christmas/5-golden-dining-room-rings