Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas!

Here are some of our favourites...

There are all kinds of reasons why a conventional Christmas tree just doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes it’s a space issue and there just isn’t the room. Or maybe it’s the clean up operation that comes after having a real tree in the front room that grinds the gears of others (think lots and lots of pine needles everywhere). However for some it might just be that year on year of having a real Christmas tree has started to lose its charm.

So here at New Home Finder we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite ‘alternative’ Christmas trees - ideal if you’re looking to break free of a traditional Christmas tree this year! 

Bookshelf tree

We really like this bookshelf ribbon tree from Alexander Breeze. She’s used the shelves for stacking presents, which is a great space saving tip if you’re short on floor space or if you feel piles of presents stacking up on the floor looks cluttered and untidy. It’s also a handy idea for anyone who shares their home with a nosy pooch who likes to get their wet nose in for a good nosy around or worse, tear up paper! 

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Ladder tree

This christmas ladder from Bonnie Robinson is certainly a break away from tradition, but we can’t help but love this unique idea! We really like the glass baubles in different colour ways and shapes that have been used to decorate, and you could easily create something similar. 

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Mobile Tree

This ornamental mobile tree is another great alternative for those who don’t fancy having a conventional Christmas tree this year. If this is the sort of thing you’re after, then you can find a handy step by step guide at Not Martha to create your very own! 

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Chalkboard tree

This chalkboard tree from HGTV is possibly one of the simplest to create - after you’ve dedicated some wall space to chalk paint that is. But once you have, it’s so easy to draw your own Christmas tree, and you can easily turn this into a fun activity if you’ve got little ones wanting to help with the festive creations. When it comes to decorating, we really love the colourful pom-pom garland included in this example - the bright pops of colour work wonderfully against the black background! 

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Wooden tree

This oak Christmas tree from A+B furniture is also a rather lovely alternative to a conventional Christmas tree, but you still get the joy of being able to decorate it! You can buy this one from A+B furniture from

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Paper tree

For those that like making and creating, this crafty Christmas tree idea could be the one for you! The shape can be created simply by using yarn in whatever colour you fancy, and you can then decorate with your own paper made creations - the more creative and colourful the better.

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Publish date: 03/01/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder