Jess Soothill's Top Tips On How To Decorate At Christmas

Without busting your festive budget

Christmas time is magical and so very exciting. Especially if you spend it with loved ones.

However, it can also be a time of year that can cost a lot of money and prove to be quite expensive; with presents, food and events.
One way to save money is on your Christmas decorations and home decor.

Decorating your new home over the festive period need not be costly and there is no need to compromise on style! 

Here are some top tips below:


Get crafty

Make your own decorations! You can find lots of ideas and inspirations online, such as in craft blogs or on Pinterest. If you have children then getting them involved can be lots of fun and you can create your own bespoke style.


Pick up decorations from charity shops or use hand-me-down items from the family. Not only will they create a classic look but it will also be wonderful to have pieces in your home with some history too!


The emerging style this year has been the Scandinavian look which is minimal and contemporary. This means ditching the tinsel and instead going for pieces such as branches and sticks, lit wall-art and selecting colour schemes such as whites and silvers. This works extremely well in new build homes and for modern living spaces.

Less is more

You don’t need to fill every inch of your home with decorations, instead pick out a couple of living spaces – such as the living room and hallway – and style them for Christmas.

Use foliage

To make the table settings look exquisite on Christmas day, use nature to help bring the outdoors in. Use branches from the Christmas tree, foliage, fir cones and berries from the garden, and string from the garden shed to tie napkins up and create stunning centerpieces. Foliage looks so Christmassy, plus garden greenery is free!

Wrap it up!

Think about your wrapping paper. Instead of going for expensive, glossy paper from the shops, maybe buy cheaper brown paper and then accessorise it with stamps, christmas stickers, handwriting or pretty ribbon. A cheaper but far classier and more personalised alternative.
So there you go! Inexpensive Christmas decorating without compromising on style. Happy Christmas!

Article provided by Jessica Soothill, Mummy of Boy Girl Twins.


Publish date: 07/11/2017

Publisher: New Home Finder