Christmas Decorating Tips!

Ramp up the festive feeling in your home this Christmas

Decorating the tree 

Hang your biggest and heaviest decorations at the bottom of the tree and work your way up so that your smallest baubles and decorations are sitting pretty up top. This will stop your tree from looking top heavy and cluttered. Remember to evenly space your decorations around the tree too, as concentrating them in one area may cause your tree to fall over!

Find and stick to a colour scheme 

Christmas is an exciting time and it’s easy to get carried away buying lots of bits and pieces to decorate and trim up your home for the festive season. But before you go all out and start buying christmas decorations in all available colour ways, it might be a better idea to have a think about what colour scheme you want to go for in your home. Try picking two shades, such as white and silver, and then introducing another accent colour, so for example green, red or purple for a cohesive scheme.

Decorate key areas in your home 

There's no rule book detailing how you should and should not decorate your home for Christmas - it's a fun time and if you feel like going all out, then do! But if you're struggling with knowing where to start, a useful decorating tip around Christmas is to concentrate your decorating efforts in just a few key areas. For example, you might want to only focus on trimming up your front door, the christmas tree, the christmas table, mantelpiece and hallway/stairs rather than going all out in each and every room of your home.

Be creative with lights 

You don’t just have to keep lights on the christmas tree! Why not try placing them along the floor around the edge of the room? Just make sure you remember to safely secure them so that nobody trips up over loose wires straying into the middle of the room. Alternatively if you have a large mirror in the hallway or living room, you can always drape some lights around the frame for added twinkle!

Make a statement in the hallway 

If your front door opens up into the hallway, you can always add some festive impact with a garland running up the bannister. It’s bold but doesn’t overwhelm if you keep the rest of the space relatively fuss free. You can add in some fairy lights for an even prettier display, and you can also hang ornaments, christmas stockings or christmas cards from ribbon loops for even more festive cheer! 

Display christmas cards 

Displaying Christmas cards is a great way to feel connected to family and friends over the festive period. How you choose to display them is up to you, and you can get as creative as you like! However if you prefer to keep things relatively simple, you can simply fix some string or ribbon to the wall with adhesive and attach the cards for a festive display. Alternatively you can always choose to buy a card holder - you can pick up ones in the shape of christmas trees easily around the this time of year! 


Candles are a great way of making the home feel cosy and welcoming, especially when it’s cold and dark outside! You can buy plenty of cinnamon and spiced scented candles to create the aroma of Christmas in your home over the festive period. 

That's all for our Christmas decorating tips! Make sure you check back tomorrow to see what's behind tomorrow's advent door! There's lots of exciting Christmas content still to come...

Publish date: 03/01/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder