Christmas Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

Find some inspiration from our ideas below!

We thought we’d put a little bit of a gift guide together here at New Home Finder, and seen as we're all about new homes over this way, we decided to pick out some items you might want to consider buying for that somebody in your life who has just moved into a new home! 

Coasters. Let’s face it, they’re one of those items that’s often overlooked but much appreciated when around. And it needn’t be a boring or a strictly practical gift either, you can buy some very pretty and stylish coasters these days that make lovely and thoughtful gifts for a new homeowner.

We really like these coasters from Anthropologie, retailing at £14 each and available in different colours. Image taken from Anthropologie.

A vase. Again, like with coasters, you can buy well designed pieces that are not only functional but also decorative. It makes a great gift for anyone who has bought a new build especially, as it can take a good year or so before they can get stuck in with the decorating - you can always check out our blog here for more info on decorating a new build! But with a vase, they’ll have somewhere to pop a bright bouquet of flowers to brighten up the space and bring life to their new home!

We really like this Honeycomb vase from Oliver Bonas, £28. The gold finish is perfect for Christmas, and the festive greenery looks especially pretty. Image taken from Oliver Bonas.

Which brings us nicely! Flowers are a really simple way to make a space feel more like home, and let’s face it, they’re just nice to have! As it’s Christmas, you’ll be able to get plenty of festive arrangements from your florist or online that will make a thoughtful gift in keeping with the season. Maybe gift them with that vase you bought too....

Keeping with the same theme, houseplants. Why not buy your newly moved in friend or relative a houseplant? They instantly add life to a room, and there are plenty of houseplants out there that require very little maintenance that even the most inexperienced gardeners can look after (think succulents). 

You needn’t spend a fortune on houseplants, you can pick up an Aloe Vera for just £2.50 from Ikea, meaning you’ll have plenty of pennies left over to buy a nice pot for it to live in. Image taken from Ikea. 

This Boston Fern from Waitrose Garden, at just £9.99, also makes a great houseplant. Image taken from Waitrose Garden.

Candles. Particularly the fancy kind! Candles make great gifts because they seem to have that knack of falling onto the list of things people want, but don’t necessarily want to buy for themselves, which is probably something to do with the fact they seem to cost a small fortune once you decide to upgrade from buying tealights. For most people who have just bought a new home, chances are the focus of their finances won’t be on buying candles for the home - meaning they’ll make a lovely, luxury gift! 

Artwork. It’s a bit of a risky one, so perhaps only consider it if you’ve got a pretty good handle on the other person’s tastes, or if you know of a piece or artist they really like and would be happy to have in their home. Artwork can add colour and style to a new room, and it might even inspire the rest of the room’s decor if it’s one of the first pieces they’re bought! 

A cosy blanket. Let your friends and family can get settled into their new home with a snuggly blanket or throw they can get wrapped up in during the dark and wintry nights! 

We really like this orange faux mohair tassel throw from Debenhams Home Collection, retailing at just £25. There’s a few different colourways to choose from, so have fun choosing just one! Image taken from Debenhams. 

Home help kit. A good DIY gift option for new homeowners. If you’ve ever bought a new home, you’ll understand it takes years to build up that drawer that’s got all the really useful bits and bobs in it that always come in handy. You could include anything from batteries, light bulbs, matches, cellotape, paperclips and other useful stationary, bottle openers right up to an extension lead - the list really is endless and it’s ultimately up to you what you choose to include! 

Photo frames. Being able to display photos of friends and family in your home is one way to make it feel like your own and personal to you. So it almost goes without saying that this is a great gift choice for anyone who has bought a new home recently - they can get started making it feel like home right away!

We really like these hanging metal photo frames from Next. They’re right on trend and are more than reasonably priced, ranging from just £6 to £12! Image taken from Next. 

Luxury kitchen goods. We all know how nice it can be to have high quality, beautifully designed kitchenware sitting proudly in our kitchen. If you know somebody who has recently moved into their new home and is making do with kitchenware bought on a tight budget that looks a little uninspired, why not buy them something that's just a little bit fancier? Think anywhere from pans, kitchen utensils, mugs and glassware through to a fancy sandwich maker or toaster. 

Bath and body. This category of gift is a bit of a classic when it comes to Christmas but it might not be necessarily one you'd consider for a new homeowner. But rather than shy away from going for what can sometimes feel like a 'stock' gift when you're not sure what to buy somebody, nice toiletries can actually be a really great gift option for a new homeowner, especially if you don't fancy or feel confident buying home accessories for somebody else. If you know that the person you're buying for has just moved into a new home and for the first time will have a bath they can enjoy, some luxury soaps, bath soaks and body washes to use in the bath will be much appreciated! And let's not forget, moving is a stressful time so anything to pamper and relax with after a day of unloading boxes will always be welcome. 

You can buy bath and shower products at lots of different price points from as many retailers, so this is a good option for all budgets! We like this bar of soap from Fresh, £14, it smells great, and it also comes in some rather pretty packaging which is always handy when you're giving it away as a gift! Image taken from Fresh.

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Publish date: 03/01/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder