Christmas Moving Tips

Moving home during the festive season? We've got you covered...

There’s already the pressure of buying gifts, sending out cards and keeping a close eye on the Christmas budget during the festive season, yet despite it already being a hectic time of year, Christmas is actually (and surprisingly!) a very popular time of year to move house.

So if you're moving to a new home this Christmas, here are some ways to make the move as stress-free as possible!

Plan, plan, plan and plan some more

First things first, try to be as prepared as possible and plan ahead - don’t leave it until the last minute to organise the finer details of moving home. Plan your moving date in advance so that you have a date to be working towards, and aim to move before Christmas Eve so that you can at least be a little bit settled come Christmas day! 

Book a removal company

You will need to book a removal company in advance. Make sure you have a read of our blog that covers how to pick the right removal firm. Having a set moving date will give you a clear incentive to get everything ready so that you’re good to go on that day. 

Be a clever packer!
Be clever when it comes to packing away your belongings by starting early - this is not a task you want to leave until the last minute! Label boxes, and make a quick note on the side of each box roughly detailing what’s inside so if you need to find something quickly once you’ve moved in, you won’t be stuck rummaging through box after box. Have a read of our handy packing blog here!

Keep some Christmas decorations on hand

Make sure you’ve got Christmas decorations handy when you move in - it’ll feel easier settling into your new home if you can spread some Christmas cheer with decorations, but don't worry about going OTT at this stage! Just a few simple trimmings will do the job.


One stressful activity at a time...

Christmas shopping can be a stressful time, so that last thing you need is the stress from this and the stress from moving house weighing heavy on your shoulders. Try and get as much of the Christmas shopping done and out of the way as you can before the move so that it isn’t playing on your mind. And if you’re moving house but will still be living closeby to family and friends, try and see if they will let you keep any presents you’ve bought at their house - this way it isn't another thing you need to worry about getting lost or damaged during the move.

Let key people know that you are moving

Remember to let your utility suppliers know that you are moving and importantly when, so that you are not stranded without heating, electricity and gas. Likewise, let family and friends know that you’re moving and send out your new information so that they can still send you a Christmas card! 

Be prepared!

People often dream of a white Christmas, but the reality of a bitter winter can cause issues when it comes to moving day and travelling. Prepare for the worst and be ready for icy roads and paths by having a large bag of salt and a shovel at the ready.

Make it less stressful for your little ones

Think about your little ones when it comes to moving day. If you're worried your children may struggle with the move, see if a friend or relative can look after them so that they don’t get anxious and feel upset about leaving an old home behind. 

And for your pets too...

The same goes for any pets too - our dogs in particular can get stressed about the upheaval that goes hand in hand with a move, so it’s worth seeing if somebody is happy to watch over them whilst the move goes ahead. If not though, make sure before any travelling takes place that your pooch is walked, fed and watered so that they can rest easy during the journey.

Once you arrive at your new home and begin the process of unloading boxes, make sure you shut your pooch in a room somewhere in the house where they will be safe so you needn’t worry about them escaping through an open door - try to give them their bed and some toys for familiarity, or alterantively if there's plenty of people helping with the move, it won't hurt to take them on another walk around the new neighbourhood to keep them out of the thick of it. 

Don't take too much on...get used to your new home!

Christmas dinner is always a big task to take on, so definitely don’t offer to host Christmas dinner at your new home - you will feel rushed to get the house ready! Remember too that even with plenty of forsight and planning, things such as getting the heating sorted in time can go wrong, so don't put yourself under lots of pressure trying to get your new home up and running and being the host of this year's festivities. Concentrate on getting your home together and settling in, and instead plan to go to a family or friend's house, or book a meal at a restaurant instead. 

Check back tomorrow to see what's behind tomorrow's advent door!

Publish date: 03/01/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder