Finding A Home For The Christmas Tree

A handy list of things to be thinking about...

Whilst there ultimately is no right or wrong place (it’s Christmas in your home after all!), working out where the best spot in your home for the Christmas tree is can be a tricky one. So here at New Home Finder we thought it might be helpful if we put together a little list of some things to think about when it comes to finding the right spot for this year’s Christmas tree! 

Don't block the light!

As it gets darker earlier in the winter months, it’s best to make the most of the natural light during the daytime. Therefore try not to place your Christmas tree in front of any window that lets the light shine into your home. It’s likely that with your Christmas tree blocking a whole window, the room will feel dingy and dark, and the last thing you want to be doing is reaching to turn on the lights during the daytime. 

Is it in the way?

Think about how you move between the rooms in your home and try not to place your tree in any obvious ‘pathways’. If you do pop your Christmas tree up somewhere where people are constantly having to walk past or squeeze around it, it’s likely that you’ll be spending your days picking up rogue baubles that have rolled away after being knocked off. And don’t forget of course the endless pile of pine needles that will accumulate on the floor and the bald bit of tree you’ll be left with!

Keep away from heat

It goes without saying, but we will anyway - if you can avoid doing so, don’t place your Christmas tree in front of a radiator or heater. Just like with natural light, there’s no point nicely heating up the back of your Christmas tree at the expense of the rest of the room, especially during the colder months. You’ll also want to think carefully about potential fire hazards when it comes to finding a home for your Christmas tree - the obvious being don’t place it near the fireplace where it could catch, fall or be knocked over accidentally. 

Go on, shuffle things around...

Don’t be afraid to move furniture around if it means freeing up a nice spot for the Christmas tree. Remember that your tree is only a temporary fixture in your home over the Christmas period, so don’t be worried about moving furniture around slightly - it won’t be forever and you can put it back afterwards! 

Neglected space? Use it!

Alternatively if you have a space in your home that’s a bit neglected and sparse throughout the year, consider this a possible home for your Christmas tree. Even if it means putting your tree somewhere that’s slightly tucked away in the corner of a room, a grandly decorated tree will be hard to miss even in the corner! 

The perfect tree is out there...

Remember you can choose what size Christmas tree you buy depending on the space you’ve got to work with in your home. If there’s just no space available for a large Christmas tree whatsoever then don't panic! And certainly don't go without one altogether, as there are plenty of smaller Christmas trees available on the market that will sit nicely on a side table and which take up no floor space at all! 

Head to the great outdoors...

Another consideration for your Christmas tree is to look to the outdoors if you’re short on space inside your home - think places such as the porch or back garden. Your tree will be happy in its natural habitat!

Make the most of it!

Finanlly if you have the space already or if you're able to free some up, consider a room where you spend lots of time together as a family as a possible home for your Christmas tree. Christmas trees are a fun tradition and synonymous with Christmas, so it’s nice to get the most out of them and enjoy them whilst they’re here over the festive season. Not to mention, the more you look at it the more you’ll be able to appreciate your tree decorating skills! 

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Publish date: 03/01/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder