Spread The Christmas Cheer On Your Street This Year!

The Christmas season is around the corner, and it’s time to start spreading the Christmas cheer by decorating your home from top to bottom, inside and out!

When in the middle of decorating the inside of our homes in keeping with the Christmas spirit, it can be all too easy to neglect the outside of our homes.

So here are some ideas about how you can help to spread the Christmas cheer on your street this festive season with some outside decorations!

Decorate with a classic!

We’ll start with one of the most obvious - a Christmas wreath! You can buy them or make them, the choice is yours! But whatever wreath you go for, you can always fasten in some fairy lights so that your wreath twinkles and comes to life in the dark evenings. You can buy fairy lights with timers, so you needn’t have the lights on your wreath on all night - but instead just for a few hours in the evening when everyone is arriving home from work!

Add twinkle with lots of fairy lights!

Christmas lights needn’t be confined just to a wreath, you can make the outside of your home twinkle by using outside lights too. You can hang them from the roof of your home, or you can buy ones that will work beautifully when hung throughout trees and around outside greenery.

Have a white Christmas after all...

You may live in an area which isn’t all that lucky when it comes to having a white Christmas every year, but you can imitate an overnight fall of heavy snow by using a fake snow roll down the garden path. Another great way to add the effect of snow is to take a garland of greenery with a covering of fake snow (light or heavy!) and place above your front door and downstairs windows. 

Image taken from House & Garden

Repurpose flower beds and boxes

Winter brings an end to once blooming flower beds, so a good trick is to take some extra garland and use large ornaments to bring new life to flower boxes. 

Try out statement decorations!

Large lanterns are a great way of including a statement decoration into your outside decor that is outdoor friendly. You can fill them however you like - whether it be with extra ornaments left over from your tree or whether you use this opportunity to include more fairy lights to your outside decor by filling the lantern full with them!

Image taken from Elle Decor

Go all out!

You can get as fun and as playful as you like when it comes to your decorations, so one idea if you're feeling really creative is to turn your garden into your own Christmas grotto. Use decorations such as large candy canes, reindeer and snowmen to create your themed garden -  there are so many choices! This one might be a good idea if you've got little ones, as it will really add to the magical feeling of Christmas!

Simple Christmas greenery works too!

 If a bold outdoor Christmas scheme just isn't quite what you're after, you can always keep things really rather simple and just pop a mini evergreen or two on your front porch. You can either leave them bare or string with a few fairy lights, but whatever you decide to do, it's simple, classic but lets everyone know you're joining in with the street festivities!

Image taken from Country Living

The more Christmas trees, the better...

If you’ve got a screened-in porch, you could always go for another full sized, elaborately decorated Christmas tree that everyone on your street can get a good look at! 

What are some of your favourite outdoor decorations you've seen this Christmas? Let us know by tweeting @newbuildhome! Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what's behind tomorrow's advent door!

Publish date: 03/01/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder

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