Two Shades Of Turtle Dove Grey

Decadent and warm versus cool and industrial.

As the 12 Days of Christmas tells us, the second day of the festive period brought with it two turtle doves, but why?

The turtle doves mentioned in the carol have numerous interpretations: love and faithfulness, devotion, friendship and even peace and sacrifice.

The symbolic doves even feature in the classic Christmas film Home Alone 2! 
With such powerful connotations, it is no surprise that doves feature in lots of home décor designs. Often paired with shades of dove grey colour as well. Decorating in grey can be a highly sophisticated style that works well in both traditional style properties and modern, new build homes.

Dove grey is a slightly warmer shade of grey, sometimes even having a lilac tint when compared to the typically flat, colder shades of grey found in waiting rooms and offices, making dove grey an ideal choice for the home. It creates an instantly trendy, modern and sophisticated look.

You can pair dove grey with decadent wallpapers inspired by traditional Victorian designs for a luxurious style. Look to brands like Laura Ashley for beautiful dove grey designs like this…

Josette White/Dove Grey Damask Wallpaper by Laura Ashley

This is a great wall paper for a feature wall. If you’re lucky enough to use it in a room with plenty of natural light as well, then it will look stunning as sunlight bounces off this pattern. And the best part about this wall paper, is you can pick up a roll for just £34 (even less if you time it right with the sales)!

Or, keep it sleek, modern and masculine by creating a grey room with minimal furniture, accessories and ornaments. are a perfect retailer for choosing simple but stylish furniture to help you craft this kind of tranquil grey space. You can even go for one of their modern takes on a traditional style for a really hip space.

One of our favourite pieces for this kind of style is the Bouji Love Seat in Grey and Turquoise Blue

One of the other benefits of a colour like dove grey is its great flexibility when it comes to accent colours. We think this turquoise and grey combination is a winner, but reds, burnt oranges, pale pastel yellows and even gold can work just as well depending on your personal style.

Last but by no means least, you can always embrace the industrial roots of grey décor and opt for a shabby yet chic style with heavy rustic furniture. Barker and Stonehouse offer a range of benches that are ideal for creating this kind of look. The San Quentin Ruskin Bench at just £199 is a handcrafted, wooden bench which brings with it the texture and warmth associated with wooden furniture, which works perfectly with cooler grey spaces. 

And then of course, for a more literal take on the dove theme, especially for Christmas, you can find some really lovely decorations like this from Waterford Two Turtle Doves Decoration at John Lewis


Publish date: 16/02/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder