Creating A Family Friendly Garden

Here’s how we have set about creating our family friendly garden and our progress so far:

Today's parents and grandparents want their gardens to be a child-friendly zone, for the little ones to play and have fun in whilst the adults relax and entertain.
But just how do you combine the two?

In our new home we are striving for this and since the spring time has arrived, we have been turning our attention towards the garden within our new-build home. We aim to make it into a space where we can have BBQ’s with friends and family, grow flowers and herbs, and kick a football, as well as feeding the birds and attracting wildlife.

Here’s how we have set about creating our family friendly garden and our progress so far:

Play equipment
We have a new 12ft trampoline in the corner of our garden as the main play feature – which the children love! We also have a sandpit for each of the twins, which can be easily covered away when finished. We have also added a goal net and some footballs.

They can have their friends over to play or play safely after school/at weekends whilst I prepare dinner in the kitchen and watch them through the patio doors. It really is a fun area to be in and they love it.
We have added mainly shrubs into the borders as well as hardy plants such as lavender. They need to be resilient enough to withstand footballs and swordfights! Plants in our garden have to be robust enough to endure rough treatment from children (and any visiting pets) so we have avoided very fragile blooms. With young children playing around we have also steered clear of plants with thorns.

Our youngsters have also helped to plant a mini herb garden and love smelling the leaves and cuttings when we pick them. If you have a little more room then a vegetable patch is a superb way of getting the kids involved in growing their own food and understanding where our fresh food and produce comes from.
Pots are also fantastic for low maintenance living, plus they can be moved around the garden if needed. We have added some into our garden as we can then insert instant colour during the summer months.

We have created a patio area for the grown-ups to be able to sit and chat whilst the children play together. We can also eat al fresco as a family when the weather is glorious, which makes such a nice change to eating indoors. The children love doing this!


Chose furniture that can be left uncovered through the summer. That doesn't necessarily mean plastic: synthetic rattan, wood and lightweight metal are all good, durable options.
Wildlife and environmental living
Our twins adore adding bird-food into our new feeders and watching the birds and squirrels arrive into the garden! We also have a water barrel to catch all the rainfall for watering the garden.
The garden of our new-build home really has become an extension of our house and we love being out there together.


Publish date: 24/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder


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