How To Use Your Garden To Save Money

We should always be looking for ways to save money. Whether it's on fuel costs, food budgets or energy bills; finding ways to save money can make a real difference! So, here are our top tips on using your garden to help you save money along the way...

Water Tanks

Installing a water tank into your garden is a great way to save money – the water collected can be used to water plants, agriculture, flushing the toilet and washing the car. The use of recycled water will reduce the demand of water you take from your mains water – ultimately saving you money on your water bills. Once you have installed your water tank, it can also be used for rainwater harvesting – which is the processes of filtering the rain water gathered to make it fit for human consumption. Whilst these filters can be quite pricey, in the long run you can save a huge amount on water bills!

Fruit Trees

Fruit prices are always rising. Especially the price of seasonal fruit such as strawberries and rhubarb. By growing your own you could save on average over £300 per year. Fruit which is easy to grow in your garden are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, figs, rhubarb and apples. A summer favourite - berries can be grown in containers, hanging baskets or straight into the ground. For more adventurous fruit growers with a south or west facing garden try adding a grapevine – great for eating or making into wine! Most of the fruit you grow can also be used to make deserts, pies, smoothies and jams. 

Veg patch 

Timing is key when deciding to grow your own vegetables – making sure you have lighter in-season veg for the summer and heartier veg for the winter will ensure that you get the most out of your veg patch. Remember to plant what you will eat – there is no point growing a load of potatoes if you are the only one in the house who will eat them. They will only go to waste. Plant things which will save you money - if you are spending £3-5 per week buying fresh herbs from the supermarket then grow your own - you will save a fortune. Easy ones to start on include potatoes, courgettes, green beans and carrots.

Salad patch 

Grow things which will add the most value – for example peppers, expensive potatoes and cherry tomatoes as that’s where you will notice the real cost difference. A great few salad items to try out if you are a newbie include leaf salad, tomatoes, spring onions, radishes and peppers. Try growing onions, garlic and tomatoes to make homemade tomato sauce for pasta too.



Go a step further with your saving by starting your own compost bin. Keep vegetable scraps, shredded paper, used teabags, weeds and grass from mowed lawn and use them as compost for your soil – it costs nothing and will do your garden a whole lot of good.

Publish date: 24/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder