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Now, to help you think about how you can improve your own garden, here is the professional advice and suggestions from the Garden Designer Lisa Cox.
For those who don’t know her yet, let’s just introduce her in a few words. Based in Surrey, Lisa predominantly works in the South East of England but has completed projects as far afield as La Rochelle in France. 

Lisa Cox Professional Garden Designer

She is really passionate about working closely with her clients to create gardens that they feel truly connected to. 

Lisa has been practicing for 6 years, following a long career as an HR professional in The City so she brings her professional background to the proceedings along with a built-in spatial awareness that allows her to create beautiful gardens that feel right and sit comfortably within their surroundings.

Without further ado, now the introductions are out of the way, let’s start the interview with Lisa Cox.
Bridgman: Lisa, as a Garden Designer, what is your dream garden like?

Lisa Cox: Personally I love quintessential English Country gardens which have some formality and elegance, but that are a little bit soft around the edges. For example, I love the textures and look of reclaimed materials and, although I generally like things to be neat and tidy, I do like the garden to have a natural look about it…as if by magic it just happened that way!

Professional Garden Design Tips From Lisa Cox

Professional Garden Design Tips

What advice could you give to people wanting to redesign their garden but can’t find a style that suits them?

A garden should be designed specifically for the person who owns it and in relation to the building that’s attached to it.

There are garden styles that can be drawn upon for inspiration, but I can guarantee that there will be elements from more than one style that ignites a passion.

The mood board process will really help to establish how the styles can mix and work together and the finished picture is usually very clear.

Think their garden is too small?

There’s no such thing as too small! Whatever space you have, it will be possible to create some sort of space that feels like a garden.

The trick with small spaces is to plan, plan, plan, as every square inch needs to be utilised to its full potential. If you want to include something then make sure you have all the measurements so that you can be sure you can work it into the design in a coherent way.

Don’t want to spend too much time maintaining it?

All gardens have a certain element of maintenance, but it is possible to create a garden that doesn’t need to be tended all the time. I’m not actually a particularly keen gardener but I do like to get out there when I’m in the mood. Mostly, however I want to be out there enjoying it!

So I spend, probably, 4 days a year looking after it and the rest of time sitting in it. The trick is to choose the right plant for the right place and to give them the space to breathe. Flowering shrubs are a good alternative because they may need pruning every now and again, but mostly just do their thing.

Perennials Are Perfect For New Build Gardens

Perennials of course will come back each year, but you need to choose things that don’t need to be deadheaded often such as Geraniums – ‘Rozanne’ is a brilliant variety that flowers from end of May until the first frosts.

Live in an area with a harsh climate (either cold or warm)?

This can actually make life easier because it will limit the plants you can use. It’s important to really know your site and choose the right plants for the right place.

You can also easily change the environment, especially in hot climates as you create some shade. For windy sites, you can plant a “shelter belt” which is basically a series of barriers (hedges of shrubs) which will break the force of the wind. Fences and other vertical structures are a disaster in these situations – you’ll be continually putting them back up! or call 020 8804 7474.

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Publish date: 24/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder